Friday, May 08, 2009

Flight to Whidbey Island Area

Late post today, due to travel. For five weeks since Mount Hermon I've pretty much been in my cave, writing. So it's nice to get out this weekend with wonderful hubby, Mark. He has business on Whidbey Island--off Washington state to the north of Seattle. After that we're meeting friends for the rest of the weekend.

Did you know Whidbey Island has an unusual landing strip on it? Last time Mark was on the island he spotted a tower and runway in the middle of nowhere, and being the exuberant private pilot that he is, went to investigate. He was quickly followed by a couple government cars who wanted to know what he was doing. Good thing it wasn't me. I'd have said something like, "I'm always looking for interesting places to kill people." He just said, "I'm a private pilot. What is this place?" Turns out it's a naval base. The runway is the exact size of an aircraft carrier, marked accordingly. Military pilots practice taking off and landing. I always wondered how they did that. I mean, who'd want to practice in the middle of the ocean?

Anyway, here are some pics of our trip.

The suspense novelist hard at work during the flight. Hey, it was Thursday--a work day. Trip or not, I must fulfill my daily number of pages. I finished just as we were about to land. Body count-- one.

Three cheers for the pilot.

Descending to land at Paine Field on an overcast day. Boeing has a huge manufacturing facility there. So huge they say it has weather patterns inside it, including clouds and rain. (Any scientists out there want to explain that one?)

Nice shot in window frame.

Voila, zee runway. (That's the camera tilted, not the plane.)

Self shot upon landing.

Good job gettin us here, Mr. Pilot.

View of Whidbey Island from hotel room. (Much more of the the island to the left of picture, but the loading ferry was in the way. It goes back and forth all day. No bridge to the island.)

Yikes. It's Friday! Which means I must write pages for the next two hours until we move on. No body count today. Just a clandestine burial.


Nicole said...

LOL! It's Paine Field and Boeing. I know. You're head's in the air. Or is the air in your head? Just givin' ya a hard time, BC.
Love Whidbey Island.

Sheila Deeth said...

Loved sharing your flight. I'll be sharing your book soon. Exposure just arrived in the mail and I can hardly wait.

MommaMindy said...

Welcome to WA! We always say it is the end of the rainbow. May your visit refresh your soul and inspire your writing. Good thing you didn't visit Whidbey Island in February, there is a murder there every year that month! :)

Mary DeMuth said...

Say Hey to Whidbey for us. That's where my husband grew up!

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Thanks, Nicole. Duh. Fixed the typos. :]

Barbara Scott said...

You just expanded my world, Brandilyn. I'd never heard of Whidbey Island. Sounds like a great place for a murder mystery.;)
Loved the pix of you and Mark.

MommaMindy said...

As I was walking around the island in February, examining a fake crime scene with blood oozing on the sidewalk, I had the same thought, Barbara. What if someone actually murdered someone during Langely's Mystery Weekend? Know a good suspense writer? :)