Thursday, May 28, 2009

News on Always Watching

Small bits of news: Amberly and I have three radio interviews lined up for our co-written young adult suspense, Always Watching. The first is this morning, taping a program for Words of Faith. More radio opportunities may well come in as a response to Zondervan's press packet being sent out.

We will also be signing copies of Always Watching Monday morning, July 13 on the ICRS floor in July.

Many of you know this is my first YA. (And it's Amberly first book.) Since this is a new market for me, I wondered how Always Watching would fare with adult readers. Would my regular Seatbelt Suspense folks enjoy this story about a 16-year-old? I'm very pleased (and frankly a bit surprised) to see how very much they are enjoying the story.

The first indication was Library Journal's favorable review, which not only recommended the book for all public library collections, but also touted is as perfect for mother/daughter book clubs. The second review, by Jake Chism at Christian Manifesto, was highly favorable. Jake simply loved the story--and as an adult male, he couldn't be further from our major intended audience of teenage girls.

Then my Seatbelt Suspense fans started reading the book. Some of them said they read it, planning on passing it on to their daughter or niece. I love hearing about my books crossing generations in a family. One of the nicest e-mails was received last week from one of my regular readers. She forwarded me a Facebook message from her granddaughter: "I just finished Always Watching, that book I got in the mail! It was really good!! The first book I've read & finished in a long time, I was hooked!"

My reader went on to say this granddaughter never reads. Now grandma had to read Always Watching for herself. Her Twitter private message to me: "I'm reading the novel that caused my non-reading granddaughter to read it. I want to see why." Upon finishing the book, she wrote, "I can hardly wait for the next one!"

Always Watching features Shaley, daughter of a rock star, whose life is not as perfect as it looks from the outside. Especially when her best friend on tour is murdered. Issues of fame and its consequences, friendship, the ups and downs of a mother/daughter relationship, the aching lack of a father, and a teenager's spiritual questions are woven into the fast-paced suspense.

Book two, Last Breath, releases in September. Amberly and I have just plotted book 3, as yet untitled. That one will be written during August and September, to be released next spring. Amberly liked Always Watching, then liked Last Breath more, and now says she's most excited over book three. I suppose it is a good thing to feel the books in your series are getting even better, rather than sliding downhill.

You can read five insightful reviews, including Jake Chism's, on amazon.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet: here ya go.

The "Live Like a Rock Star" sweepstakes continues for another month. It's open to teenagers age 13-18 and has a fabulous grand prize. Teens can enter here.


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Well I definitely have to pick up a copy now. ;)

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I have no doubt adults could get into this novel and all the ones to follow, but it's a great idea to team up with your daughter and offer the young adults a focused series just for them. Great idea.