Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Does Twitter Link Authors With New Readers?

Winner of Photo Friday: Karen Barnett. Her caption read, "I thought the scripture said the lion will lay down with the lamb, not the moose will sleep with tiger!" Congrats, Karen. Please email me with your address and choice of one of my books.

On an author's e-mail loop we've recently been discussing the pros and cons of Twitter/Facebook for authors. Is the time you put into such social media worth it in terms of return on investment (ROI)? I have certainly connected with new readers through T/F. I think the investment will pay off even more down the road. Although I'm on Twitter and Facebook every day, it really takes very little time. The same tweet on Twitter feeds to my Facebook page. I'll jump on one site or the other for a minute or two at a time throughout the day just for a fast break from writing. I spent more time on T/F in the early stages, setting up my account and profile, building followers/friends. Now that's behind me, and my account numbers grow on their own.

I posed this question on T/F: "Readers--have you discovered a new author on Twitter/Facebook? Writers, have you found new readers through T/F? Tell me!" Here are some responses:

I have discovered a number of great emerging & established authors through Twitter (not so much Facebook), including your work.

I bought Coral Moon because of your tweets. Too scary for me, but still an awesome read. :-) Passed it on to mom who's not as easily freaked out.

I have bought: Moriah Jovan, Carolyn Jewel, Tessa Dare, "Moira Rogers", Anne Frasier, Nalini Singh because of Twitter.

Yes, on both accounts. I've sold books because of tweeting and facebooking.

Yes, I discovered Mary DeMuth and Megan Dimaria, and bought a book by each of them. Have also bought bks. recommended on Twitter.

I've found lots of new writers through Twitter. FB not so much.

Not FB as much, but I have discovered new authors and books on Shelfari- lots of librarians on that site. I joined some similar interest groups, and they suggest and discuss books...did hear about Francine Rivers there.

YES! I've discovered many authors on FB and Shelfari. I was following Robin Lee Hatcher's blog for years before I finally read her books. Silly me! Better late than never!

Oh yes, thanks to all the book bloggers on Twitter i've found tons of new authors outside of the genres I've normally read. For example, I had never heard of Suzanne Collins before Twitter, now i can't wait to read The Hunger Games or Catching Fire.

Yep..that's how I 'discovered' you :)

Yes, I have discovered authors by seeing who other people follow or retweet.

I've gained readers through Facebook.

The best FB aspect I've found as it relates to other authors is to keep track of what they're working on and get to know them a little better.

I did find the terrific Steven Clark Bradley on FB.

I enjoy seeing new blog post with a teaser to read on twitter, interaction with authors on both T and FB. I have added some new authors to my list of reading. And its fun to get to know the author behind the story. I really enjoy your tweets and interaction on facebook.

Wendy Lawton twittered about Tosca Lee's Havah: The Story of Eve when she was reading it. Love Wendy, so I followed the link. Bought the book, loved it, bought her other book, & met Tosca at Mount Hermon.

Karen Kingsbury really got me hooked on reading. She sent me a message saying she was on facebook. I like tolook her up see where she is going and I was fortunate to be able to meet her at an Extrodinary Womens Conference. Since then if a book catches my interest I like to look up the author on facebook. Yes I will buy their books, not on facebook, but at at a local book store. It gives me a better idea of what I like to read.

I have found many Christian authors here on twitter and then after ward on facebook, including yourself. Others include @cjDarlington @adamblumer @CathyBryant @TriciaGoyer just to name a very few.

Yes - actually author @travisthrasher & @jasonpinter thru Twitter!

I had known Keith Snyder as a cyclist but learned of his novels after I friended him on Facebook.

I'm losing track, quite honestly. There are writers now on my TBR list because of Twitter/FB. Essential ingredient: interaction.

Well, sure. I'd never heard of you! Or Adam Blumer! Or Sam Batterman!

I "discovered" Kathleen Poppa due to a Tweet by Tricia Goyer ... and I'm not even on Twitter!

Yep, First I found Stephen Bly and after that I started searching for my favorite authors. It has been a lot of fun.

Yes on both.

Yup, you. And Andy Andrews, Rachel Hauck, Lisa Samson, and Colleen Coble.

What about you? Have you found new writers (new to you) or readers through Twitter and Facebook? If you're an author, are you finding your time investment worth the effort?

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Rachel Hauck said...

Great post, Brandilyn. Yes, I've discovered readers and other authors myself via Twitter.

It's definitely worth any time investment for me. And it's fun. I call it my cyber water cooler!

Rachel :)

Megan DiMaria said...

Interesting! I love that I've been discovered on Twitter.

I've also found new authors on Twitter. I struck up a conversation with Bonnie Grove that led to me endorsing her debut novel, Talking to the Dead.

I love how social networking is making the world smaller.

A prisoner of hope,

C.J. Darlington said...

Twitter and FB can be an author's PR dream, or their worst nightmare if they can't manage their time. I find it a tricky balance and still haven't yet discovered the key. BUT I do think it's a lot of fun, and I have gotten to know several writer folk I never would've connected with otherwise.

Travis Thrasher said...

Great post! Funny story on a book tour I just went on. I was at an independent bookstore doing a booksigning and I tweeted about it. A reader saw my post on Twitter and called up the store to see how long I was going to be there. She came and bought a couple of books. This was definitely a first. I have a love/hate relationship with social media, but I use it because I think it's beneficial!

Golden Keyes Parsons said...

Thanks for the post. I don't know that I've gained new readers through Twitter/FB, but I do know that some of my readers follow me on the networks.

Sheila Deeth said...

Fascinating. I hadn't expected those answers.

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Just found you on Facebook and so happy that I did! I love suspense and Christian reads and can't wait to add your books to my "must buy list"! Can't visit long tonight on your blog but will be back tomorrow to catch up on all the goodies that you have on it!

Never been to Twitter, but looks like I'll be visiting soon.