Thursday, July 16, 2009

Discussion Questions for Exposure

For my last eight or so books I've been writing discussion questions for my novels, which are then posted on my Web site. A recent e-mail alerted me to the fact that I've not yet posted questions for Exposure. Oops. Too much going on, with two books releasing at once. And this story has the potential for some great questions on fear and how it affects our lives.

Anyone out there who's read Exposure want to take a crack at writing a list of discussion questions? If I use your list there's a free book in it for you (any novel of mine--your choice). And I'll include your name and Web site link on the page.

Here are questions for Dark Pursuit (adult suspense) and Always Watching (young adult suspense). Note that the lists include insightful questions about the story and characters as well as questions that apply the underlying themes to readers' lives. Also, I try as much as possible to write the questions so they don't give away major plot points in the story, in case someone reads them first.

If you'd like to submit a list, please do so by the end of this weekend. E-mail the list to: brandilyn (at) brandilyncollins (dot) com.

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Sheila Deeth said...

Cool idea. I'm off to see if I can borrow back my book.