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July '09 List of Today's Word

Here's July's list. I challenge you to write a sentence using at least six of these words. Be creative!

ANACREONTIC (uh-NAK-ree-ON-tic) adj.--a poem in the manner of Anacreon; a drinking song or light lyric.

ABULIA (ay-BYU-lee-uh) noun--loss of will power; abnormal inability to act or make decisions.

DESIDERATE (duh-SID-er-ATE) verb-- to seek earnestly; to entertain or express a longing for.

ANALECTS (AN-uh-LECTS) noun--leftovers from a feast; selected miscellaneous written passages.

AUSCULTATION (OS-kul-TAY-shun) noun--act of listening to body organs, e.g., the heart, for aid in diagnosis.

DELIQUESCE (DEL-i-KWES) verb--to melt away; dissolve gradually into liquid by absorbing moisture from the air.

MUSSITATION (MUS-si-TAY-shun) noun--movement of the lips as if in speech but without sound.

CONCATENATE (con-KAD-uh-nut) adj.--linked together.

CLAUDICATION (claw-di-KAY-shun) noun: lameness, limping.

RHATHYMIA (ruh-THI-mee-uh) noun--the state of being carefree; light-heartedness.

PAPHIAN (PAY-fee-un) adj.--of illicit love. From Paphos, Greek center of Aphrodite (goddess of love) worship.

HEBETUDE (heb-uh-TOOD) noun--the absence of mental alertness; dullness, lethargy.

PERICOPE (puh-RIK-uh-pee) noun--passage from a book, e.g., selection from the Bible used as text for a sermon.

LAZAR (LAY-zer) noun--a leper.

QUADRAGESIMAL (kwad-ruh-GES-i-mul) adj.--relating to Lent; consisting of 40, such as a 40-day Lenten fast.

SINISTRALITY (sin-uh-STRAL-i-tee) noun--having one's left side more efficient than the right; left-handedness.

CORIACEOUS (KOR-ee-AY-shus) adj.--like leather in appearance, texture, or quality.

POLYHISTOR (pah-lee-his-tur) noun--a very learned person.

HEGEMONY (huh-JEH-muh-nee) noun--preponderant influence or authority (e.g., govt. or state); leadership/dominance.

PLUMBEOUS (PLUM-bee-us) adj.--consisting of or resembling lead; having a dull gray color like that of lead.

LUCULLAN (luh-KUL-lun) adj.--lavish, luxurious -- used especially regarding food.

AUSPICATE (OS-puh-kate) verb--to initiate with a procedure (e.g., drinking a toast) to ensure prosperity.

PERDURABLE (per-DER-uh-ble) adj.--very durable, lasting a very long time or indefinitely.

TROPOLOGY (tro-POL-uh-jee) noun--a figurative mode of speech or writing.

PASQUINADE (PASS-kwin-ade) noun--a lampoon or satire usually having a political significance.

CORONACH (KOR-uh-nok) noun--a lamentation for the dead as sung or played on the bagpipes in Scotland/Ireland.

OXYTOCIC (OC-see-TOE-sic) adj.--intended to induce uterine contractions.

SCIOSOPHY (si-OS-o-fe) noun-supposed knowledge of natural/supernatural forces based on tradition, e.g., astrology

COGNOSCENTI (KAWN-yo-SHEN-tee) noun--a person having/claiiming expertise in some aspect of fine art or fashion.

OSCULATE (OS-kyu-LATE) verb--to kiss.

PEREGRINATION (PER-i-gri-NAY-shun) noun--travel, an excursion to a foreign country; a widely ranging discourse.

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