Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Abingdon Launch--The Call of Zulina

Kay Marshall Strom is no novice to writing, but she is new to fiction. Her debut novel, The Call of Zulina, released this month from Abingdon. Kay tells Forensics and Faith about her writing:

Although this is my first novel, I have been writing for over twenty years. I have written thirty-four non-fiction books, including two that are coming out this fall. Many of these have been on global topics of social justice and the place we as Christians can and should play. In my writing life, though, I have done just about everything—written curriculum, children’s stories, press releases, ghost-written books, short stories, television and movie scripts. I have contributed to most of the NIV devotional Bibles and was one of the writers for the recent New Women’s Devotional Bible. So you can see, I have paid my dues! I also taught writing classes through the California State University system (I co-developed and taught the Writers’ Certificate Program at Long Beach State) and wrote writers’ booklets in conjunction with those classes. People always ask me how I got my start, and I always tell them: Mount Hermon Writers Conference!

About the book:

Set in 1787, this first book in a three-part historical saga features Grace Winslow, whose mother is African royalty and her father a British sea captain. Grace is trapped in a most offensive arranged marriage, so she flees from her home only to become embroiled in a slave revolt at the fortress Zulina. There she begins to understand the horrific nature of her family’s involvement in the slave trade. Grace must chose a side—slaver or slave.


Lynette Eason said...

Oooh, sounds fabulous. Cant' wait to read it. Thanks for sharing!


Sheila Deeth said...

This sounds really interesting. A very different take.

bath mateus said...

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