Thursday, August 06, 2009

How Facebook Fans Titled My Next Book

I'm now writing the Rayne Tour series book #3. We desperately needed a title. Neither the Zonderkidz marketing team, nor Amberly and I had come up with one that really fit and that everyone else liked. So what's an author to do? Turn to her fans on Twitter and Facebook.

On Tuesday I sent out this tweet (which fed to Facebook):

Brandilyn Collins: Need title for Rayne Tour book #3. #1--ALWAYS WATCHING, #2--LAST BREATH. #3 ... ??

I knew this was a shot in the dark. After all, my readers didn't even know the premise of Rayne Tour #3. And I didn't want to tell them, because the second book in the series hasn't even released yet.

Here are the (serious and humorous) Facebook responses as they came in.


Do I win a prize?

Shane Pippin: NEW AGAIN

Ace Collins: Last breath is usually followed by CPR.

Brandilyn Collins: Tasty Venue? LOL. Ace--you're not any better help than Don.

Ace Collins: Just a logical progression and maybe a look at the publishing business as well. If anyone can kick start sales for all us, you can. I would suggest -- New Wind.

Don Pape: So you played with sight in title one, you play with breathing in title two, how about hearing in title three: Tone Deaf, On Pitch, or Turn a Deaf Ear.

Don Pape: SOLD OUT?

Rebecca Carter: I like Sold Out and I hope it also describes how the third book does in stores. :)

Matthew Charles Hall: "Killer Note" "Last Show" "Kill the Lights" "Obstructed Views"

Darlene Snyder: I like Tone Deaf.

Lisa-Anne Wooldridge: I like Sold Out... I like Amped Up...

Anita Mae Draper: Never Relax? No Refuge? Highway to Danger? Adrenaline Rush or Surge

Laura Sheppard: Rayne Storm. Free Rayne. Rayne or Shine. Refrayne. Braynewashed. Storm Drayne. Or, ShayLeave Us Alone, Killer!

Kim Vogel Sawyer: After LAST BREATHE comes BURIAL SERVICE, I think...

Laura Ann Grymes: Final Touch
Grave silence
Deadly silence
Taste of silence
Deafening thunder,
Taste of murder

Smell of darkness,

Shattered silence

Brandilyn Collins: Oh, my gosh, Laura Ann Grymes--you just might have it! Final Touch fits great! Let's see what the marketing team says.

Joyce Magnin: Never More

Laura Ann Grymes: how way cool!
That is awesome.

Michele Giles Underwood: Never Silent

Kendra Elrod McBroom: I think Laura should get a gift book for naming the book. It is great.

Erin Randall Laramore: Way to go, Laura Ann! I like it!

Final Touch really was a great fit with the storyline. Amberly and I loved it. Don Pape was right--we'd used sight and breath in the first two titles. We'd been playing with the sense of touch for title three. I sent Final Touch to my editor. She presented it to the Zonderkidz marketing team. They loved it too. Bingo. We have our title.

Kendra is right--Laura Ann deserves a free book!


Lisa-Anne said...

It was so much fun just *thinking* about it and trying to come up with something. :)

Sheila Deeth said...

Cool. It was fun to sit back and read the brainstorming session. Congratulations Laura Ann

Hannah said...

Congrats, Laura Ann! Final Touch is a great title to blend in with the others in the series. (Though, Brandilyn, ya gotta admit that Ace is right -- CPR does follow the last breath.)