Thursday, August 27, 2009

Phil Stacey's New Album

This week Phil Stacey--known from American Idol--saw his Christian CD release, titled Into the Light. At ICRS 2008 I and the other Zondervan novelists had the pleasure of hearing Phil and his band sing at the Zondervan party. If I remember right, at the time he told us he was working on this Christian album.

As part of its launch party for the CD,
Christian Retailing sent out a notice with this link to an interview between Phil and DeWayne Hamby from CR. Interspersed throughout the interview, which is over an hour long, are four cuts from Phil's CD. They're beautiful songs. If you don't have time to listen to the complete interview, you can catch the title song, Into the Light, at 3:30 minutes into the discussion. (It's easy to click to fast-forward.) Subsequent songs are around 26:00, 40:00 and 60:30. Or listen to excerpts from all the songs on the CD's page on Amazon.

Congrats, on the beautiful album, Phil Stacey!

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