Friday, September 04, 2009

LAST BREATH Releases Today

Last Breath, book #2 in the young adult Rayne Tour series, starts shipping today. It will be showing up on shelves across the country within the next few weeks.

Amberly, my daughter who co-wrote the book with me, says of Last Breath, "I like this one even better than Always Watching." (Book #1). Last Breath is suspense mixed with romance--a great combination for teenage girls age 13 to 90.

The end of Always Watching is a little different from my other suspense novels. As always, I made sure the story answered the main driving question of the book--in this case, "Who is the killer and stalker?" But we threw a wrench in the works at the end of Always Watching--a twist that has to do with a subplot in the book. That twist raises new, big questions. In Last Breath, Shaley, the sixteen-year-old protagonist, is pursuing the answer to those questions. Then--naturally, since she's a Brandilyn Collins protagonist (poor thing)--she gets knocked upside the head pretty hard, pretty fast.

You can read the first chapter here. But I suggest you do so only if you've already read Always Watching. If you haven't read AW, here's the excerpt for its prologue and first chapter.

It's been great to hear from mothers and daughters who read and enjoyed Always Watching. Here's a sample of some recent letters:

I gave Always Watching to my daughter and she absolutely devoured it in two sittings! She "hates" reading, or so she says, but she told me over and over how she could never find a good stopping place because she just kept having to find out what happened next. So, thank you for grabbing my daughter's attention! I'm sure she'll be anxious to read the next one!

Just wanted to let you know when [my daughter] came home from school I gave Always Watching to her to read first. This morning at breakfast the book was sitting on the table and she asked "When is the next one coming out?" She had already finished reading the book! I asked how she liked it and she said, "It was absolutely amazing!" So there you have the review of a 7th grader! Now I can't wait to read it.

Order Always Watching at Amazon.

Pre-order Last Breath at Amazon. (They'll have it in stock soon.)

View Always Watching trailer.


Tina said...

Wow, Brandilyn. The cover is stunning! I wish you all the best on these books with your sweet daughter.

Mocha with Linda said...

I've been intending to tell you I got Always Watching for my daughter for her birthday a couple of weeks ago and she loved it! (She's 14.) Except at the end, she was desperate for the next one! She exclaimed "it left me hanging!!!" She'll be glad to know the next one's imminent!