Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More ACFW Conference Photos

Home again after the fantastic ACFW conference. I arrived home Sunday night, happy and very tired. I ate and fell into bed at 8:30. (Hence, no post for Monday.) Slept 10 hours.

Conference attendees numbered 505. That's record attendance for our conference, which has grown every year. It's amazing in this economy that it grew once more. In addition to the attendees, we had about 35 more people--family members--who joined us for meals, worship and general sessions.

The conference had a wonderful atmosphere. God was at work. I was happy to meet many newcomers to the conference. (We had around 190 newcomers!)

Below are a few pictures, most taken at the banquet. I wish I could have taken many more, but I tried to get around to as many folks as I could. I was honored to have my photo taken with these folks.

At booksigning in atrium on Saturday

Keynote speaker Debbie Macomber. What a fabulous gal!

This photo doesn't do justice to Sharon Ball's bling!

With author/speaker Kimberly Woodhouse
(whose family was featured on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover)

With agent Chip MacGregor, looking absolutely dapper in his kilt.

With author and Genesis contest coordinator Camy Tang.
She looked so beautiful in her Chinese silk.

With author and ACFW CEO Colleen Coble.
Colleen looked absolutely stunning! Even this good picture doesn't do her justice.

Dessert at the award banquet--our ACFW logo in white chocolate.


Richard Mabry said...

Always great to see photos like these. Thanks for sharing. And it was good to see you. Wish we'd had more time together. But who among us can't say that to dozens of our colleagues. The ACFW meeting is a wonderful place for collegiality, renewing old acquaintances, making new friends. Thanks for posting the visual reminders.

Pamela S. Meyers said...

Love the pics and it was great to see you and share the ride back to the airport on Sunday! Missed Mama Ruth though!
Yes, Colleen was stunning, but you were too, friend.
It was a wonderful conference.

Mocha with Linda said...

Such fun. The dessert is incredible!

Katy McKenna said...

Speaking of gorgeous, you're it. Christa Allan and I were fighting over your shawl all through the awards! :)

Sally Bradley said...

Love the pictures! I wasn't able to go this year, so I've been trying to find as many pics as I can.

Lynetta said...

Great photos! You look dazzling. I'm glad you had a great conference.

Debra E. Marvin said...

I'm enjoying each photo I can find online. They remind me of the terrific memories I'll carry away.

Glad you have a photo of Sharon Ball. She's as sweet and funny as she is stunning.

Brandilyn, we are all so thankful for your role as 'house speaker' and may I say you have a knockout wardrobe.

I miss the conference but I need the sleep!

Pam Halter said...

Wonderful, fun pics! Hope I can get to ACFW at some point.

Camy Tang said...

Great pics, Brandilyn! I didn't get a good one of Debbie speaking, but yours turned out great. And wasn't that chocolate ACFW amazing???????

Unknown said...

Love the photos. You did such a great job at the conference, and you looked wonderful!

Helen Bratko said...

Great Pics, Brandilyn. I especially like the one of you and Camy. You both look fabulous.