Tuesday, October 06, 2009

DECKed-Out Fiction

Last week I received this message (run here with permission) from aspiring novelist Kim Rojas about a class I taught for the Christian Writers' Guild (CWG) conference earlier this year:

Dear Brandilyn,

I am one of the Craftsman II students. In 2009, I didn't attend your DECKed out fiction, but I bought the MP3. Since I drive to Denver (1.5 hours) and back every day, I have time to listen. And listen And listen to it. Today, October 1st, I submitted my novel to the Operation 1st Novel Contest, which I do not feel would have happened without your (and Doc Hensley's) teachings. Thank you so much. I learned how to add emotion...how to kick it up a notch...that anger is a secondary emotion and that Desire drives the novel. I think the Desire was the key component that gave me the confidence to write 76,853 words in the month of September.

Thanks again. I'll let you know how I fare.

Kim's e-mail reminded me that I should tell others about the availability of the DECKed-Out Fiction Course. It's four hours of teaching taken from concepts in Getting Into Character, mixed with other of my writing techniques. The D,E,C,K, stands for Desire, Emotion, Conflict and Kick. Each of the four parts is available in its own CD for $11 or MP3 for $7 from this Web site. The full course can be purchased for $35. Proceeds go to the company who recorded these courses for CWG.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool! I'm putting it on my wish list!


Unknown said...

Brandilyn, I did attend your 09 DECKed out Fiction course at the CWG conference--and LOVED it! As you taught about the concept of Desire, I was trying to scribble notes about the lecture as well as ideas for my protag's Desire.
Thank you for the time you took to teach about the DECK concepts. It's expanded my writing so much!