Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Issue of CFOM Magazine

Two short items for today:

1. Lisa Karon Richardson is the winner of this month's Photo Friday. Her caption: By the time Mt Ararat came in sight, Mrs. Noah's renovation of the ark was nearly done.

Congrats, Lisa. Your caption made me laugh and received the most votes. Please e-mail me at brandilyn (at) brandilyncollins (dot) com with your address and choice of one of my novels.

2. Have you seen this month's issue of the Christian Fiction Online Magazine? My Making A Scene column: Ten Things I've Learned As a Novelist.


Peg said...

Congrat's Lisa. Loved your picture caption :)

Brandilyn, are you going to explain that picture? There's got to be a story behind it.

I've read your CFOM article, too. Hey guys, check it out. They count clicks. :)

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Peg, the gal who sent in the photo said it was a house being pulled by a tug somewhere in Alaska. The house is sitting on a barge. Somebody apparently had to move--and really didn't want to leave her house!

Peg said...

Ah, I wondered what those two little things were on the right. You were sneaky to keep the image small - a larger one would have revealed that little detail. :)

Peg said...

Ack! I meant on the left.

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