Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What We Learned in 2009

Two days ago on Twitter/Facebook I asked, "What did you learn in 2009?" Turns out folks learned some pretty interesting things.

In 2009 I learned that:

A book doesn't get written by having good intentions. ;)

It's easier to bend when you are flexible (and I'm not just talking about yoga...)

More about Breast Cancer than I ever wanted to know!

"OPS" in baseball means "on-base plus slugging percentage." I always wondered.

A 5 y/o Musketeer's bar won't kill you (but it's still just as fattening).

Every dream is achievable...if you can dream it, you can BE it!!!

Some contracts aren't worth the paper they're written on. (Dial 911-LAWYERS?)

What a redwood looks like up close. A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Life changes and kids grow up whether you like it or not!

The only thing we can control in this life is how we react.

You can meet lot of new writer friends and network on Twitter.

How not to say something nasty about someone who hates you. Love can do wonders.

God truly blesses those who wait!

More about God's grace, how much there is, and how much I need it.

With God ALL things are possible!

A deeper understanding of trusting His timing.

God can perform miracles. It has possibly been the craziest and most wonderful year of my life.

The gift was not dead. Only hibernating.

This too shall pass.

Not to think I've got something nailed down too early.

I am a good writer and people will pay to buy my books.

I'm a pretty decent stand up comic. Fifteen hundred people can't be wrong, can they?

Life does get better after the death of a parent. The hurt scabs over, then the scab falls off and life goes on.

Jesus really does love me, just like the Bible told me so, and not in an abstract philosophical way, either. His love is fierce, protective, eternal and all powerful. No evil can stand up against it. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You for the Cross.

Trust in God, no matter what happens.

No matter how much faith you have in God, you still have to take action. He's not going to do the work for you.

You can meet lot of new writer friends and network on Twitter.

How not to say something nasty about someone whom hates you. Love can do wonders

God truly blesses those who wait!

More about God's grace, how much there is, and how much I need it.

With God ALL things are possible!

God restores!

God is present in all the transitions of life you don't want to go through.

You can't let circumstance get in the way of following a dream.

God does see our dreams and if we just believe he will make them come true.

No matter what happens, God is there. In the darkness, in the turmoil, in the fear, in the circumstance, He has already been there and will walk you thru it. EVERYTHING is Father Filtered.

A bit about the publishing process... and God used it to teach me patience.

No matter where I am the presence of God is.

Faith and trust is better for you than worry! I have put more faith in HIM and listened more for His leading and spent less time worrying about decisions in life. Turning things over and leaving it! It is AMAZING what God can do when you allow Him. More interesting things have happened to myself and my family this year because I learned to worry less and trust more.

I can actually write an entire novel (now 2)! I wish I had started sooner instead of being timid about it, but all in God's timing.

Patience, while waiting for answers from God; and a reminder that He is in total control, regardless of what the present circumstances might dictate.

Sometimes inquiry letters take time (years) to be answered, but when they are, it is quite profitable.

Inline functions are the work of the devil.

How to trust God for financial provision in a much deeper way this year. I've also grown in listening to the Lord with my husband - a new practice for us.

The US made a huge mistake on Election Day 2008.

To listen and act when I feel I am being led by divine intervention, instead of dismissing it as fancy.

How to make soap:)

That 2010 looks like it will be even worse.

How to get around with a broken foot.

God is more interested on our holiness than our happiness.

Being a grandmother is both a wonderful experience and a frustrating one...

"Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord."

After close calls with both my parents, I savor every opportunity to enjoy time with the ones I love.

Every moment with each person we love is so precious and fleeting. Enjoy it! That's the important thing I learned - well, I knew it already but was reminded. On the frivolous side, I learned the difference between a yo yo, saltine, and granny's daughter. LOL

I was putting my faith in someone other than He who is faithful. (Didn't realize I was doing that.)

I am not God. He has to remind me of this again and again when I get anxious about sales and other personal stuff.

How about you? What did you learn?

Yesterday I forgot to announce the winner for this month's Photo Friday. That winner is sharond, with this caption: "Gargle and spit" took on a whole new meaning when camping in the Smokies... Sharond, congrats! Please e-mail me with your address and choice of one of my novels at brandilyn (at) brandilyncollins (dot) com.


Preslaysa said...

Time is more valuable than money. I can always figure out a way to earn money, but I can't get a 'refund' on my time.

Joanne Reese said...

I learned that life is about seasons and whether in winter or spring, courage is required.

Anonymous said...

No offense intended to the person who wrote Every dream is achievable...if you can dream it, you can BE it!!! but they obviously haven't read any fantasy. We speculative writers dream of LOTS of stuff you can never be!!

But seriously, doesn't this philosophy stray from Scripture? King David dreamed of building a temple, but God told him no. Was it Hannah's dreams that enabled her to become a mother?

Eastern mysticism says we are to look within and find the power to become whatever we desire. The Bible delivers a different message!


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Ah, but Becky, the question was: What did you learn in 2009? To that question, no answer is wrong. One person might learn something that seems absolutely right to him or her at the time. Perhaps in 2010 the same person will have different experiences and learn just the opposite.

Christina said...

I've learned that God is GOOD. It was something that my head knew, but my heart and soul have only just caught up! Knowing that God is good has changed everything about my relationship with Him. It isn't hard to trust Him anymore. :)

Heather said...

I learned just how awful cancer in a 2-year-old Downs Syndrome girl is; how important communication really is; how wonderful and comforting it is to pour myself out in love and comfort for the man I'm marrying; and how much I miss that man when he moves to Michigan for a job so he can marry me.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I so agree about the huge mistake made in the election of 2008.

I learned not to take life for granted when I almost lost my husband to a massive infection.

That I really can write a 90,000 word book.

That we don't depend on the government or a job, but we depend on God for His provision. (But I already knew that anyway.)

That God will go to a lot of trouble to care for His children.

That the love of a couple who've spent more than 45 years together is deeper, stronger, and sweeter.

Of course, I learned about Facebook and Twitter and how to utilize social networking without letting it gobble up my writing time.

This isn't new, but I LOVE my readers.

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