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December '09 List of Today's Word

I have now been doing Today's Word on Twitter/Facebook for over a year. The monthly lists here provide an easy way to find a unique word when you need it. Archives of Today's Word are under "Craft and Industry" on the right. One monthly list links to the next.

Join the Today's Word gang on my Facebook wall every day for some fun in using Today's Word in a sentence. Some sentences are just plain fabulous, some are funny. Some start interesting discussions. Today's Word goes out on Twitter/Facebook at 7 a.m. Pacific time.

And no--I don't use these words in my books. Most are far too esoteric. I just think it's fun to learn new words. I choose words that are unusual but have meanings that could easily fit into an everyday conversation.

While you're here, I challenge you to write a sentence using at least six of the words below.

JUNOESQUE (JU-no-ESK) adj.--marked by stately or voluptuous beauty and generous proportions; plump.

APPOSITE (AP-uh-zit) adj.--highly pertinent or appropriate; relevant.

RELIQUIAE (ruh-LIK-wuh-ee) plural noun--remains of the dead; organic remains.

DEMIT (duh-MIT) intrans. verb--to relinquish office or membership, to resign or withdraw.

ECTYPE (EK-tipe) noun--a copy from an original; something real, as opposed to its ideal prototype.

AD REM (AD REM) adv.--in a way marked by strict attention to essential points; without digression.

RENASCENCE (ruh-NAYS-unts) noun--a new birth or life/rebirth; a cultural revival/renaissance.
CONSANQUINEOUS (con-san-GWIN-ee-us) adj.--of the same ancestry; of the same origin.

REDINTEGRATE (ruh-DIN-tuh-grate) trans. verb--to put back together; restore to integrity/soundness.

NIMIETY (ni-MIH-uh-tee) noun--excess; redundancy.

LATERITIOUS (lad-uh-RISH-us) adj.--resembling brick; the color of red brick.

EIRENICON (eye-REN-uh-kan) noun--a statement to harmonize conflicting doctrines; a reconciliation.

SOLATIUM (so-LAY-shee-um) noun--something that alleviates or compensates for suffering or loss.

ANAMNESIS (AN-um-NEE-sus) noun--a recalling; information on a patient used to analyze his condition.

ANCHORITE (AHN-ko-RITE) noun--one who renounces the world to live in seclusion, often for religion.

DIABLERIE (dee-AHB-luh-ree) noun--actions of devils; a scene of devils in art; mischievous conduct.

CONTUMACY (KON-too-muh-see) noun--obstinate or contemptuous resistance to authority.

RATIOCINATE (RAD-ee-OHS-uh-nate) verb--to reason discursively or according to a logical process.

CREPITATE (KREP-uh-TATE) verb--to make small, sharp, rapidly repeated explosions or sounds; crackle.

TEMERARIOUS (tem-uh-RARE-ee-us) adj.--marked by temerity; rashly or presumptuously daring; reckless.

STOCHASTIC (sto-KAS-tik) adj.--characterized by conjecture.

HYETAL (HI-uh-dul) adj.--of or relating to rain, rainfall or rainy regions.

REIVER (REEV-er) noun--a raider.

INTEMERATE (in-TEM-uh-rut) adj.--pure, undefiled.

PARONOMASIA (PARE-uh-no-MAY-zhee-uh) noun--a play upon words, a pun.

EXOGENOUS (ek-SOJ-uh-nus) adj.--produced from without; originating from or due to external causes.

TERMAGANT (TER-muh-gunt) noun--an overbearing, quarrelsome, scolding, or nagging woman.

ARCADIAN (ar-KAY-dee-un) adj.--idyllically pastoral; simple/peaceful. noun--one leading a simple rural life.

MARITORIOUS (ma-ri-TOR-ee-uhs) adj.--excessively fond of one's husband.

PROSOPAGNOSIA (pros-uh-pag-NO-see-uh) noun--inability to recognize familiar faces.

PASSE-PARTOUT (PAHS-pur-too) noun--something, such as a master key, that enables one to pass everywhere.

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Sandy said...

Because of my post-holiday junoesque body, and since becoming an anchorite is too extreme, I shall take apposite and temerarious measures to bring about a renascence of my former self; I shall invest in mirrors with micropsia. (Just had to use that last word even though you didn't list it)

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Oh, hahaha. Love it! Junoesque and micropsia definitely go together.

Explanation to the rest of you: "micropsia" was Today's Word a few days ago. It'll be in the list I post for Jan. '10. It means: a vision defect in which things appear smaller than normal.