Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying -- Or Not

Today I am traveling from my Mom's back to California. At least that's the plan. It was also the plan yesterday. Until a storm came and wiped out Kentucky, Ohio and Chicago. I don't think anything flew in Chicago yesterday, including birds.

Mom was happy. We got an extra day together. Same thing happened when I visited last winter. An ice storm moved in--and nothing else moved for two days. My first day's flight home was cancelled. My second day's flight home was cancelled. Finally on the third day I got out.

Not bad being stuck visiting the best mom in the world. The downside is--I've got the best
husband in the world waiting at home for me.

Okay, go ahead, tell me it sounds sappy. Also happens to be true.

Now if only I could say I have the best novel in the world sitting in my computer, all written ...


Ane Mulligan said...

My love to your mom, and your hubby looks a lot like a good friend of ours, who plays the trumpet in our worship band.

I'll bet you could easily say that novel is the world's scariest! ;)

All Things Worthy of Praise said...

Wow, you are blessed! I love your blog and you most definitely can say that you have the best novel sitting in your lap, go ahead...say it!