Thursday, February 25, 2010

The God Hater

"This one will be talked about for a long time." --Jerry B. Jenkins

The ever-creative supernatural suspense author
Bill Myers has a novel releasing this fall titled The God Hater--with a fascinating premise worthy of the Bill Myers moniker. Here are some words from Bill about the novel--and with an offer for you until it releases.

Today there are very angry and influential men trying to convince us that Christians are not only stupid, but are actually a threat to our society. That's pretty serious, which is why I wrote The God Hater. In it I've presented the Gospel from God's point of view . . . literally putting the haters in God's place and asking what they would do. For a brief description and to see who's endorsing it,
click here.

When I was researching the novel, I stumbled on so many facts proving God's existence that I wanted to share them in a way that was easy to grasp. So every other week I'll be writing a quick, easy to understand blurb that anyone from children to adults can read and use in defending their faith. Here's a simple, little example:

Isn't it interesting that in the wilderness, when Jesus and Satan were fighting, they didn't use guns, guided missiles or even nukes? Instead, the Creator of the Universe and the most evil force in the Universe fought with what they both knew to be the most powerful force in the Universe . . . God's written Word. Satan would attack, Jesus would defend and counter attack. Back and forth they went, using only the Word of God, and with nothing less than Christ's entire mission (and our survival) at stake. If those two thought God's Word was so awesome and powerful, who are we to think any differently?

Of course the next question is, "Just because the Bible said it, how do we know it's true?" More on that the next time.

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-- Bill

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