Monday, February 08, 2010

Halftime Who?

Circa 1972: The Who were coming to Lexington, Kentucky for a concert. I was 15, maybe 16 years old, and excited as all get out. I wanted to go.

"Mom, guess who's coming to Lex?"


"The Who!"


"The Who."


"I said it, the Who."

She looked disgusted. "Well, who are you talking about?"

Oh, good grief. "Mom, it's the--" My older sister walked in. I gestured toward the ceiling. "You tell her."

Fast forward, superbowl 2010 halftime. I'm in Kentucky, visiting my mom. And I'm waiting for that halftime show. Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend don't look or sound like they used to. But it's still a great medley, plus the lights look way cool.

"Look who's playing, Mom!"


"The Who!"


"The Who."


"The. Who."

She points to the TV. "No, I mean who are--" She stops. Turns a knowing look on me. "Oh. I get it."

Ninety-three years old--and you still don't put anything over on my mom.


Richard Mabry said...

Must admit, I've never seen The Who before. Not my thing. Enjoyed the lighting and lasers (since my son-in-law has done lighting design for some of the top-flight groups), and was so curious after hearing the lyrics (well, the half I could understand) of Won't Get Fooled Again that I had to Google them. Still pondering.

Queen of Pith said...

That reminded me of a comedian who once said that bands should tour based on their names:

Guess Who?

Nicole said...


Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

Oh my goodness, I could hear your voices in my head as I read your exchange! God bless both of you. Love ya muchly...

Camille Eide said...



(my 22yo son is a fan now & knows more about 70s classic rock than I do. Shameful...)

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, Brandilyn! Reminds me of the ol' Abbott & Costello "Who's on First?" routine. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Sheila Deeth said...

Oh, very nice !

Meg Moseley said...

We were at our daughter's house for the game, and a couple of her guests were teenagers. They'd never heard of the Who. Yes, it was the Abbott & Costello routine all over again. So funny.

Paula Wiseman said...

I didn't realize you had Bluegrass roots! Bless your heart!