Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What Bigfoot and I Have in Common

You never know who you're running past.

On my jogging route through a neighborhood I often pass a man out walking--and talking on his cell phone. I have never once seen him when he's not on that phone. One day late last year as I passed, I quipped, "Just wonder--can you walk without talking on the phone?" He guffawed, and we both kept going our separate ways.

Fast forward to last week. I passed him for the first time in 2010. For some reason we stopped to say hi and Happy New Year. We'd never stopped to talk before.

"My name's Tom Biscardi." The man actually stopped talking on the phone to concentrate on me. "Let me tell you who I am. Ever heard of Bigfoot?"

"Uh, yeah." Not quite sure where the conversation was going.

"I'm the Bigfoot Searcher." Tom mentioned his
Web site and his weekly radio show, Bigfoot Live, and the documentary movies he's done on Bigfoot. "You hear about that case in ..." Tom went on to tell me about a big national story of a so-called Bigfoot, which he'd been called in to debunk.

We talked a little while longer. I told him I'm a suspense novelist. He said he needed someone to write his book for him--was I good enough to do that? I apologized that I simply wasn't available. I'm already contracted for novels. We parted ways and I ran on. After circling a block, I passed him again--on the phone, of course. He stopped me and asked for my Web site. I gave him the URL, which he spoke into the phone to someone. A few hours later in my office I received an e-mail from Tom. He wanted me to be on his weekly radio show--that night. Why, I wondered? What did I have to do with Bigfoot?

Well, nothing. But Tom has people on his show sometimes that he simply finds interesting. What made me so interesting? He'd gone to my Web site and read the story of my
miraculous healing. He wanted me to tell his listeners in 38 countries the story.

And that is how I came to appear on Bigfoot Live.

You can listen to the show
here. Scroll down about halfway and look to the left for the archives. It's the show for January 27. After a couple minutes of "shout-outs" to people at the top of the show, I'm on. Tom was great. He just asked me what happened, then let me go with the story. His listeners got an earful about God, prayer, and healing.

That person you pass on the street? You just never know ...


Kathy Cassel said...


Not going to be out and about for a while--just got my four-year-old twins home from Haiti. Don't think I can jog on my treadmill with them in tow!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, "Amen! God works in mysterious ways!"


Karen Eve said...

Wow!! I never thought I would be listening to Bigfoot radio this morning when I got up. It's always inspiring to hear your story and it's great to hear it going out through another vehicle.

Nicole said...

Very cool.

Cheryl said...

I haven't listened to the show yet, but wanted to say Yay, to getting your testimony out there. You just never know when God is going to give you the amazing and unexpected opportunity to do so. So now I will go listen.

Helen Bratko said...

Wow, that is so cool.

Southern-fried Fiction said...

That's really great, Brandilyn! You're right, you never know. And I'm also glad your not sporting another cast. ;) LOL