Monday, April 19, 2010

Changes Here-And a New Blog

During my trip to B&H Publishing headquarters in Nashville last week I had lots of meetings about marketing--what I will be doing and what my publisher will be doing. They have some great things planned for the novel I'm writing now--Over the Edge, the suspense centered around Lyme Disease. Over the Edge will release in May 2011. Meanwhile I have two other novels releasing this year: Final Touch, last in the young adult Rayne Tour series in May; and Deceit, a stand-alone suspense releasing in July.

As a result of our meetings I'm making some changes--and I want to take you with me!

First--I'm going to start a blog that allows those struggling with Lyme to tell their stories. This blog will be for everyone--those who fight the disease themselves, those who have friends/family who have Lyme, and those who want to know more about the disease and the "Lyme Wars" of the medical community that inhibit proper testing and diagnosis. The sad fact is that many sick people have Lyme and don't know it. Many of them have even been tested for the disease with a false negative result. Through the blog--and my novel--I hope to educate people about this disease. I will be gathering people's stories immediately, and soon the blog will be launched. I will announce here when it launches.

Second--as a result of building this new blog I'm going to be posting here on F&F a little less often--two to three times a week instead of every week day, which I've been doing for over five years. I'll still cover the topics I've always covered--writing techniques, news on the publishing industry, and stories from my own life as an author.

The best way for you to keep up with new posts here will be to sign up to receive them in one of two ways. You can become a "follower" and read the posts in your Google Reader by clicking on the "Follow" link on the left. Or you can subscribe through Feedblitz by clicking the "subscribe to the blog" link on the right. Through Feedblitz you'll receive an e-mail each time I post with the full text. If you choose not to do either of these two things, then do check here every few days during the work week for a new post. (As always I will not be posting on weekends.)

Lyme patients: Tomorrow I will run a post with the details of how to submit your story for the new blog. All those whose stories are run on the blog will receive a free copy of my novel when it's released, either in download or print form.


Richard Mabry said...

Brandilyn, I've marveled for some time at the way you can do five posts a week and yet present such great content. Now, although you're cutting back on the frequency of posts at F&F, you're adding yet another blog! Wow. You are a wonder. Do you wear a red-white-and-blue costume and a gold tiara sometimes?

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have a full schedule, Brandilyn. Best wishes for your upcoming books and your new publishing partnership.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Thanks, Doc and Mark. :]

Cheryl Klarich said...

This is intriguing. Which is, of course, what you do! I'm excited to follow along (and learn). We have so many ticks in our area- due to a huge suburban deer population...Thanks for going in this direction.

Margaret said...

My blog home has moved!! Please update your link to me if you have one, if not come see me!!