Tuesday, April 06, 2010

News on the Web--From Apples to Oranges

Apple announced it sold 300,000 iPads on Saturday, the device's launch day. The Apple faithfuls were in the stores, particularly the 5th Avenue store in New York, where they were surrounded by satellite trucks and police. No one seemed to get out of hand--the buyers, the media, nor the police. The company also reported downloads of over 250,000 ebooks on that day. The remaining 50,000 iPad buyers (if you count one download per person) were probably hung up trying to figure how to play Adobe flash on the tablet. (The iPad doesn't support flash.)

Apple stock rose only one percent yesterday--not exactly an impressive leap over the iPad success. I'm thinking maybe Adobe people were unloading their Apple stock.

Meanwhile on the Oranges side: Last month the Palm Beach Post reported that, despite the winter freeze that wouldn't quit, the Florida orange crop will produce 131 million 90-pound boxes of oranges this year. Last year the crop yielded 162.4 million boxes. This year's crop is expected to yield less juice, down from 1.56 gallons per box last year to 1.53 gallons this year.

And to conclude this fruity post: A comment yesterday on last month's Photo Friday reminded me I forgot to announce the winner for that month's caption. Sheila received the most votes for her caption: As the coroner began his work, Detective Whodunit realized that the comment made by the victim's friend that she was a bubble brain was not exaggerated.

Sheila, please contact me to receive your free book.

We'll have this month's Photo Friday at the end of this week. Meanwhile eat an apple. And an orange.

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Timothy Fish said...

Somewhere, I guess I missed the point that iPad doesn't support Flash. Given the number of websites that rely on Flash, that is a huge weakness, if Apple expects people to surf the web with the device.