Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures From Exposure Territory

As I mentioned last week, I've been visiting Mom at her home, and in the town where I grew up--Wilmore, Kentucky. Wilmore, of course, is Exposure territory. The weather was a beautiful spring temperature, the sky blue and cloudless. April is the month in which Exposure takes place, so the description of the downtown area, with its gorgeous budding pink trees, is just as the town looks now. I went out and about for a few shots to show you. But before I get to them--here's a picture of what my sister, Sandy, and I found when we arose (very late) the first morning we were at Mom's house. You see, our dear mom, even at 93, does have her busy social schedule to keep.

BTW--the bowling is Wii (virtual bowling).

And while we're on the subject of family,
here's Mom and my three sisters
just beginning another cut-throat game of Scrabble.

Now down to Main Street, Wilmore, where Kaycee
spends much of her time in Exposure.

Wilmore Police Station, where Kaycee ran

when the mysterious camera with a picture
of a dead man appeared in her kitchen.

Main Street shot, across road from Police Station.

Close-up of beautiful blossoms against the sky.

House next to Kaycee's, where the snoopy neighbor lady lives.

On the left--the dilapidated old barn
across the driveway from Kaycee's house.
The house on the right is where Kaycee's house is,
but I "moved" this actual house to create
the white house with wrap-around porch for Kaycee.

Closer view of the barn.

While I was in Wilmore the Chief of Police, who helped me on the book, stopped by for me to sign a couple copies. And I saw Officer Mike Bandy, who was such a great help in providing me the right situation to make my ending work.

It was a great visit, albeit short. Now I'm in Nashville for three days in meetings with my new publisher, B&H. We'll be doing a one-day marketing meeting, a photo and video shoot, and on day three I'll meet with the folks in the various divisions at the B&H offices. Perhaps I'll have more pictures for you.

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Kathy Cassel said...

What a beautiful town! Loved Exposure. I didn't see the ending coming.

Jason said...


Congrats on the new contract with B&H. I don't know if it will be appropriate, but I know I would be interested in hearing why you changed publishers. Another "sneak pique" into the world of publishing?

Thanks as always for the great stuff.


Paula Wiseman said...

I'm a KY girl living in Illinois now. (I know just where Wilmore is, even.) The pictures were beautiful, and now I'm homesick. *sigh*

Nicole said...

Your mom left you biscuits!

Unknown said...

Beautiful town, Brandilyn. Wilmore is not as fearful as EXPOSURE led me to believe. Wish you well on your journey with B&H.

Michael K. Reynolds said...

How fun it is to see the pictures from the streets of Exposure. Thanks for posting those! Enjoy your time with Julie and the team. We're looking forward to see the fruits of this new partnership.