Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sawing Off a Tree Branch You're Leaning Against

Just had to share this one with you all. In England, a handyman propped his ladder against the tree branch he wanted to remove, then proceeded to saw off said branch. WHUMP went his ladder. He was injured, of course.

Now? He's suing the hotel.

Where did this handyman work previously? British Aerospace.

Read the whole crazy story here.


Mark said...

funny, but pathetic that he won the court case

MommaMindy said...

Maybe the hotel should sue him for not having enough common sense and bringing bad publicity their way. I wish judges would exercise more common sense themselves, and start throwing out these kinds of cases...

Timothy Fish said...

I worked in the Plant Engineering department at a large factory when I was in college. We had to take ladder safety training every year. I don't recall them ever saying anything about not resting the ladder against the tree limb you're about to cut off.

Actually, it probably said something along the lines of making sure you're leaning the ladder against something that can support its weight.