Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here's Your Book--With Mayo

Let me first be very clear that these escapades occurred in the southern part of Idaho, not our Paradise Panhandle.

Seems that police in Boise finally caught the Condiment Caperess. A 74-year-old woman was arrested after dumping a jar of mayonnaise into the book drop box at the Ada County library. Condi is now a suspect in as many as ten similar crimes that have occurred in the past year. Since May of 2009 library employees have reported finding books in the drop box covered in corn syrup and ketchup.

Condi is now out of jail and facing a misdemeanor charge for malicious injury to property. No motive for the crime has been stated.

Hmmm. There's always a motive. I think the different condiments have to mean something, don't you? Perhaps:

Mayo: Oily protagonist, description laid on too thick.

Ketchup: Far too much gore.
Syrup: Sickeningly sweet plot. Flat characters (as in pancakes).

You have other ideas?


Ann Baldwin said...

Maybe she felt the books coming out of the library were too dry, boring, plain & not full of enough variety and life.

Sheila G said...

ketchup- one of a series, didn't want to "catch up" by reading others first.
syrup- doesn't like sticky situations.
mayo- plot went down a slippery slope.

Nicole said...

Couldn't find a book to suit her tastes.

Or maybe she hated the librarians.

Carlton H. said...

If it had been Christian books, she could have used Miracle Whip.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Haha! Bravo, Carlton!

Sheila Deeth said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear Sgt Friday of Dragnet read this story!

Perhaps she wanted to build a hardback Dagwood.
Were these cookbooks from the library and her dream was to be on the Food Network?


Deleted due to hackers... said...

She definitely wanted more flavor.

I still like Carlton's comment.