Wednesday, July 07, 2010

June 2010 List of Today's Word

Anyone want to try using at least six of these delectible babies in a sentence?

BARDOLATER (bar-DOL-et-er) noun--one who idolizes Shakespeare.

ELUCUBRATE (i-LUCK-yuh-brate) trans. verb--to work out or express by studious effort.

RUCTION (RUK-shun) noun--a noisy rough-and-tumble fight; a heated quarrel.

INELUCTABLE (in-e-LUK-tuh-bul) adj.--not to be avoided, changed, or resisted.

ZARZUELA (zarz-WAY-luh) noun--a Spanish opera having spoken dialogue and usually a comic subject. 

DERAIGN (duh-RAIN) trans. verb--to defend or prove (a claim) or settle (a dispute).

VOLENT (VO-lunt) adj.--having the wings extended as if in flight.

INTEGUMENT (in-TEG-yuh-ment) noun--something that covers or encloses; an external coating.

TAUTOLOGY (taw-TALL-uh-gee) noun--needless repetition in close succession of an idea, statement or word.

CREPUSCULAR (kre-PUS-kyu-ler) adj.--of, relating to, or like twilight; active in the twilight.

RESILE (re-ZILE) intrans. verb--to draw back; to return to a prior or original position. 

GAMESOME (GAME-sum) adj.--exhibiting good-humored playfulness.

CASERN (ku-ZERN) noun--a military barracks in a garrison town. 

PLANGENT (PLAN-jent) adj.--having a loud and reverberating sound.

INVIDIOUS (in-VID-ee-us) adj.--detrimental to reputation; likely to cause discontent or animosity.

SIMULACRUM (sim-yu-LACK-rum) noun--a representation of something. 

RAPPORTEUR (rap-por-TER) noun--an official charged with drawing up and presenting reports.

ARROGATE (AIR-uh-gate) trans. verb--to claim or seize without justification.

ORWELLIAN (or-WEL-ee-un) adj.--relating to or suggestive of George Orwell or his writings.

PASTICHE (pas-TEESH) noun--literary artistic or musical work that imitates the style of previous work.

EXUVIATION (ek-zoo-vee-A-shun) noun--the process of molting. 

GEST (jest) noun--notable deed or action; tale of achievements or adventures. 

DOGGEREL (DOG-ur-ul) adj.--of poetry: quickly contrived, loose and often irregular, esp. if comic.

RISIBLE (RIZ-uh-bul) adj.--capable of laughing; arousing, exciting or provoking laughter.

DEHISCE (dee-HISE) trans. verb--to cause to gape.

UMAMI (oo-MA-mee) noun--a taste sensation that is meaty or savory. 

DAYMARE (DAY-mare) noun--distress while awake like that experienced in a nightmare. 

CAP-A-PIE (KAP-uh-pee) adv.--from head to foot; at all points. 

POTHER (POTH-ur) noun--a noisy disturbance; vocal stir or controversy over a trivial or minor matter. 

INANITION (in-uh-NISH-un) noun--absence or loss of social, moral, or intellectual vitality or vigor.

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Hannah Y. said...

To her surprise, the bardolater enjoyed the zarzuela; despite the lead singer's tautology, and the orchestra's plangent expression of the music, the performance was gamesome, even risible at times.

Sapphire said...

Jane was a bardolater, and through elucubration, she ensured that all of her writing was both a pastiche of Shakespeare and Orwellian - which her friends found to be tautology.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Brava, Hannah and Sapphire!

Anonymous said...

It was 3 am, and seated in the apartment next door was a bardolater who's chief interest in life was to elucubrate Shakespeare's inward thoughts through his writings; an Orwellian elucidating on his favorite subject with a mind-numbing tautology; and a gamesome dandy who's crepuscular activities involved writing risible pastiches based on the various pothers and ructions of his two oft-disputing companions.