Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Road Again

If it's Wednesday, it must be Washington.

I flew home Monday from our family reunion in Kentucky and arrived at night at our California home. First time I'd been there in five weeks. Had one day to go through mail, pay bills, run errands, pack and repack. Today I'm flying to Washington state to meet Mark for a business meeting. At least I get to be with hubby. As I stumbled toward baggage claim Monday night a man asked me where our plane had come from. I had to stop and think about it before answering.

Aah, but those family reunions. Can't beat 'em. I so love being with Mom, my sisters, and our extended family in Kentucky. We basically hung out, played Mah Jong, and ate. Oh, yes, and took pictures, some in a pink bathtub. :]

I admit I haven't been blogging nearly as much in the past five weeks. I'm barely keeping up with emails, interviews, Facebook, etc. I meet myself coming and going. At some point this traveling will stop. Really.


I kinda miss my cave...

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FLCATXOK said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I am honored! I love the phrase "don't forget to breathe" you have on the title pages and I quite often forget to do just that...I have even posted on facebook about that and your books before. Thank you again.