Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recommending New Blog

My pal Barb Scott, fiction acquisitions editor for Abingdon Press, has started a new entertaining and informative blog about the life of an editor. It's called The Roving Editor. Be sure to check out her first post (July 10), titled "Five Ways to Meet an Editor," in which Barb makes an announcement of her new plans. They just might include you.

I first met Barb through Zondervan, when she was the fiction editor for Zonderkidz. Barb's the one who talked me into writing the Rayne Tour series. When she suggested I write the series with my daughter--how could I say no?

Four years ago Barb and Sue Brower (my editor at Zondervan) visited my house in Idaho.Within 30 minuetes of their arrival, as we sat out on the deck, a baby bear emerged from the woods. Barb blurted, "Is that a dog?" I've never let her live that one down.

Barb's an all around great person. You'll enjoy her blog and getting to know her--if you don't already. I know the Abingdon novelists have been thrilled to have her as their editor.


Richard Mabry said...

Brandilyn, As an Abingdon author, I have to second the nomination of Barbara Scott as both a great editor and a great person. The initial posts on her blog already show it to be a worthwhile read. Thanks for helping spread the news.

Debbie Maxwell Allen said...

I've bookmarked The Roving Editor. So glad another excellent editor has joined the online conversation!

And Brandilyn, I posted a review of Getting Into Character today:
Thanks for a great book!

Cecelia Dowdy said...

A baby bear??!! Oh, my! I'd be running back into the house...what if his momma or papa were to show up next??

I'm going to check out the new blog you mentioned. It certainly sounds interesting.