Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010 List of Today's Word

We've got some cool words for the month of September. I'm partial to rugose, secern, Achates, megillah, and raillery. Anyone care to try using at least six from this month's list in a sentence?

MILITATE (MIL-uh-tate) int. verb--to fight for a cause or a principle; to have weight or effect.

MAFFICK (MAF-ic) intrans. verb--to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing and hilarious behavior.

ACHATES (uh-KAY-teez) noun--a trusted friend. (Capitalized--from Achates, friend of Aeneas in the Aeneid.)

WELTANSCHAUUNG (VELT-ahn-show-oong) noun--world view; a philosophy of life.

DIRIMENT (DIR-eh-ment) noun--a disability that makes void a marriage contract.

INTER ALIA (in-ter A-lee-uh) adv.--among other things.

NIDICOLOUS (ny-DIK-uh-lus) adj.--reared for a time in a nest; living in a nest.

ECESIS (i-SEE-sis) noun--the establishment of a plant or animal in a new habitat.

EXSANGUINATE (ek-SANG-wen-ate) trans. verb--to make bloodless; drain of blood.

INCUNABULA (in-kyeh-NAB-yuh-luh) noun--earliest stages.

JACKLEG (JACK-leg) adj.--characterized by lack of skill or training.

FRANGIBLE (FRAN-juh-bul) adj.--capable of being broken.

SELVA (SEL-vuh) noun--tropical rain forest. 

RUFESCENT (roo-FES-ent) adj.--reddish. 

ARGOT (AR-gut) noun--a special vocabulary and idiom used by a particular underworld group.

RUGOSE (ROO-gose) adj.--full of wrinkles. 

VOLITATION (vol-uh-TA-shun) noun--the act or power of flying.

SUPERABLE (SOOP-ur-uh-bul) adj.--capable of being overcome or conquered. 

LURDANE (LUR-dun) noun--an idle or lubberly fellow.

COTERMINOUS (co-TER-min-us) adj.--having the same or coincident boundaries; covering the same area. 

FAVONIAN (fuh-VO-nee-un) adj.--of or pertaining to the west wind.
JEREMIAD (je-ruh-MY-ud) noun--lamenting and denunciatory complaint; a doleful story; dolorous tirade.

UPREAR (up-REAR) trans. verb--to lift up; to raise the dignity of. 

RAILLERY (RAIL-er-ree) noun--good-natured ridicule; pleasantry touched with satire. 

MANTIC (MAN-tic) adj.--of or relating to the faculty of divination. 

PALADIN (PAL-eh-den) noun--a champion of a medieval prince; a person of outstanding worth or quality. 

SECERN (seh-SERN) trans. verb--to discriminate in thought.

MEGILLAH (meh-GILL-eh) noun--a long involved story or account.

LIMACINE (LIME-eh-sine) adj.--of, relating to or resembling a slug.

JAGGERY (JAH-ge-ree) noun--unrefined brown sugar made especially from palm sap (as in India).

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Linda B said...

You know I can't resist:

The nidicolous and rugose hippy climbed down from his treehouse in the selva, and launched into a megillah that turned into a jeremiad which made his listeners wish that his rufescent tongue was frangible, and when their raillery finally silenced him, there was much mafficking and guzzling of jaggery-laced tea.