Friday, September 16, 2005

Negligee Nightmare

Hey, BGs, here’s a BG story for you from the conference. The author is in parentheses after the paragraph. Sometimes I’ve added editorial comments. These are in italics.

A shot rang out and the woman screamed. A bat landed in the woman’s hair. She was coming out of the hotel fire escape at 2 a.m., wearing a negligee and fluffy bunny slippers, clutching her computer. She couldn’t lose her manuscript in the fire. (All)

“Help, get this bat out of my hair!” Jackie frantically reached up to disentangle the bat. It nested deeper and deeper into her Texas-sized hair. She stumbled down the stairs. (Cara)

She realized she wasn’t alone. A deep, raspy voice screamed her name. (Elena)

Gripping her computer, she thought of the database for the corporation in her it. She regretted she had no back up! (Eileen)

Someone pushed her from behind into the railing. (Marjorie)

How rude. (Val)

(Someone please take care of the bat.) (Brandilyn)

The computer tumbled over the railing. (Evelyn)

(Stuart will now take care of the bat.) (Brandilyn)

Jackie’s foot slipped on the wet metal, and she tumbled after the computer. (Stuart)

She bolted upright and felt the virtual reality goggles tumble off her head. “Vigo!” she screamed. “I told you to take out the stupid bat!” With a huff she slapped the goggles back on. The bat dematerialized in her hair. (Stuart. Who else?)

She opened her eyes and found herself staring at a dashing young fireman. His was name Buff Ladderman. She whispered, “Where’s my computer” as she looked into his icy blue eyes. (Ron.)

He tipped his hat. Smooky suet covered his rugged cheeks. He paused, opened his mouth and said, “Time’s up.” The image of his face hazed and broke before her. It disappeared. (Dineen)

She took off the goggles, wondering where Buff went. What was wrong with the goggles? A bullet parted her hair. She ducked and grabbed her Glock out of the strap around her leg. (Pamela. Who else?)

She peered around the corner of the V,R, training room. A big, bulky man appeared. She slammed her left palm into his chin and gave him a roundhouse kick. She smashed the butt of the gun into his head. He collapsed on the floor. (Camy. She looks like such a nice girl.)

She ran up the stairs and out the exit. She searched her for car in the parking lot. She couldn’t find it. She spotted a Kawasaki 900 Ninja. She hotwired the motorcycle and took off from the Ferrari chasing her. (Bad guys travel in twos. This is an editorial comment. We will now find another bad guy.) (Val)

A flicker of light in the side mirror. It was blue. With two speeding tickets on her record, she didn’t know what would be worse—facing the bad guy or getting a ticket. (Linda)

Jackie’s tire hit a pothole. She slid across the pavement. The Ferrari screeched to a stop inches away from her. The gun skittered across the pavement. A guy in a tux stepped out of the passenger seat. He slowly straightened and stuck a cigar in his mouth. (Kelly)
BGs, the conference BGs invite you to add your own paragraph. Pick up the story from the commenter before you. Once this story is done, we will present to the editors here and see who would like to publish it.
Have fun.


Kjersten said...

Voices inside Jackies head began arguing who was going to rescue her. The deep gutteral voice named Marco looked up at the man and said "Nice cigar. Got another one?" Suddenly Jackies face changed from contorted anger to the look of quiet innocence. Then a nice quiet voice of a little boy said, "mr your gonna get cancer." The man in the tux suddenly looked uncomfortable half chokeing on his cigar and straightening his black tie. Clearing his voice he said, "Oh my! Multiple personalities I see." Jackie was at her wits end. She grabbed her hair, dug around until, wala! At the same time of throwing the bat at the man in a tux she said "I've had it with all you people! Paige where are you?" She then dived for the gun but continued to slide down the hill. (I have no idea what I'm doing. So I'll blame this writing on the bugs inside my brain so I can claim innocencent madness.)

Anonymous said...

Jackie faded, blipped out of existence, flickered madly, then disappeared altogether. The man with the cigar took off his VR goggles and threw them to the ground.

"Dog gone it!" He kicked the Ferrari, realized too late it wasn't there, and stubbed his toe on the filing cabinet. "Eeeouch!"

A head popped up over the cube wall beside his desk. "Joseph!" An angry fist beat thin air, landing inches from Joseph's nose. "If you start that stupid game up one more time, I'm telling the boss."


(And before you even THINK about it, the angry guy is NOT wearing VR goggles. So there.)

Grady Houger said...

With a realization of confusion of hopelessness Jackie stopped, and stood facing the pursuing mob with the prim posture that had been lifeline back when she was only an office worker. The Tuxido man, police officer and dozen bystanders stopped, mistaking her desperation for a eminent attack.
With arms raised in surrender she turned away from them, walking into the street.
Jacky did not see the bus.
She did feel it brush her nose, and somehow, her hands found the edge of the tenth open window.
"Hang on" she gasped to herself in shock.

C.J. Darlington said...

Hang on. Yea, right. Jackie leaped away from the old bus and watched it disappear down the street, a cloud of engine smoke engulfing it's frame.

"Hey! You! Stop right there!"

She swung around toward the female voice. It was a cop, rookie probably by the cripness of that uniform, but her gun was drawn and her arm steady.

"Hands where I can see them!"

Jackie poked her own chest with her index finger. "You talkin' to me?"

Becky said...

"Cut!" the director shouted. "It's not right, but it'll have to be a wrap. We need to get this thing in the can." Muttering, he added, "Who wrote this Indiana Jones escape scene, anyway?"

Straightening her "Jackie" wig, Ann sidled up to her director. "Aw, I don't know, Howard. I kinda like it. I think it makes her seem sort of Superwoman-ish."

Howard slammed his fist against the arm of his chair and stood. "My point exactly. The original script didn't have all this melodrama in it. So, who's messing with my movie?"

Charlene said...

"Buff Ladderman?" she asked, trying to swallow a laugh but it escaped from her lips.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

David slapped the VR goggles from Bryan's head, as he slowly removed his own pair. "You're an idiot man. At least think up a better name for your character than, Buff Ladderman. And what's with the girl? This wasn't the kind of adventure you told me about?"

"Well I got caught up," said Bryan sheepishly. "I wanted her to be a Lara Croft-Tomb Raider type."

"Since when is that necessary for..."

"I wanted to be her hero, first," said Bryan, puffing out his chest.

Dave smacked him in the back of the head again. "Idiot!"

C.J. Darlington said...

Okay, Brandilyn. I want to know about Pinky Palmer and Bloody Bart.

Grady Houger said...

(Possible ending #1)

“Lay of it man, we aren't recording or anything. You reset the system this time and we'll try it again.” Bryan said.
“No you reset the system, and I'll write down some plot points, this needs to at least make sense.”
Dave fell into a desk chair and frowned at a notebook, scribbling immediately.
The colors around them faded to black as a glowing dot grew out of the computer, filling the view with the words: The End.
Charles put down the game controller, mildly dissatisfied. That didn't get anywhere at all.
His mothers voice pierced the evening from downstairs, “Charles, did you finish your homework?”
“It's finished.” He shouted back, picking up his math textbook.