Monday, September 19, 2005

Post Conference

BGs, I traveled home on Sunday and got in very late. I will post tomorrow and tell you some highlights of the conference.

Thanks to those of you who finished our BG Story. Your work was fab, indeed. Mighty creative. Grady, great ending. And that director thing was a great twist, too. What fun!

See ya tomorrow.


Ron Estrada said...

Home now. Ugh. Now to plant rear to chair and put to work everything I've learned during the conference. I got such good feedback from editors about the novel I pitched that I want to shred it and start over. Does that make sense or am I insane?

Gina Holmes said...

Ron, you're insane. Actually, Ron's ideas look fantastic and quite saleable. Nice to meet you!

Brandilyn, thanks for being incredibly gracious. I posted the pic we took together on my blog and a little about you.
If anyone wants to see it too,
(not trying to shamelessly self-promote, honest. Just want to show how pretty Brandilyn is in person!)

Lynette Sowell said...

You are not insane, Ron. But don't run to the shredder. I'm ready to do the same thing--well, not completely toss out the book, but have some serious butt-in-chair time to make the story better. ~~It was great meeting you and all the others. :)

OH, BTW. Using Brandilyn's GETTING INTO CHARACTER does work. In my paid critique, I got the highest marks for characterization. The agent didn't say anything about wanting to represent me, but I'm glad I'm learning something. LOL.

Domino said...

Fabulous conference! Great to see the other BGs in person. Now to catch up on writing time. I'm energized by all the encouraging people at the conference.

Brandilyn, you were a wonderful Emcee. You don't get paid near enough for what you have to put up with.

cara putman said...

The conference was amazing. Such a time of challenge, learning, encouragement, God kicking open doors, fresh ideas, etc. Wow. If only I could stop being an attorney for a month and write non-stop instead :-)

It was nice to meet so many of you. And Brandilyn, thanks for praying for me. Your words confirmed what God had been telling me in many other ways. He is good!

For those who couldn't join us this year, try to come next year in Dallas. It is worth every penny and you will get so much out of it as you seek to serve others and learn what God has for you. And you may find it has nothing to do with editor/agent appointments and everything to do with your walk with Him.


Pammer said...

Got home at two this morning (and since we picked up our cats first) the arrival was accompanied by Eowyn yowling (she is SUCH a bad traveler).
Brandilyn, it was great to see you again and write with you, :0).

Thank you for the prayers. The lessons learned are sinking in. I got a request for a full, so although I may be sparse online, I will not miss reading your blog.