Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Traveling Post

Well, here I am, posting late on this Wednesday. I'm currently in Boston. Yesterday my day began at 4 a.m., after about 3 hours sleep (my body is still on west coast time when it comes to going to bed). Flew through Chicago to Zondervan and presented Violet Dawn before about 60 reps and sales/marketing folks there. It was so wonderful and a real privilege to be able to do that. I made sure to kiss the feet of my marketing advocate who got me on the schedule. Everyone at Zondervan is terrific toward me, and it's always great to be at their headquarters.

Then back through Chicago and on to Boston. Got into the room about 10 p.m. Had a full night's sleep. Yay! I'm in a fine junior suite overlooking the downtown area. At the moment life is good and pampered. However, on Friday I will be back in my office facing the reality of a book due in a week. Agh.

I heard about a really cool project Zondervan is doing. I can't tell you until next week, after the initial announcement article is written in USA Today. But then I'll make sure to let you know about it.

This is kind of a down day (thank goodness). Tomorrow I sign copies of Web of Lies at the library convention (evidently a huge event that takes place every other year), then hop a plane to return home. I will have time to write a regular post for tomorrow. Thanks for your patience with me today, BGs.


Lynette Sowell said...

Ooh, enjoy Boston. :) It's one of my favorite cities. However, being a native of Mass. I'm a bit partial. And enjoy the book signing.

I'm curious about that announcement.

Ah, the 'glamorous' life of a novelist. :)

Becky said...

Patience? Patience!? Don't ya know you're giving us unpubbed authors a glimpse backstage. It's wonderful--I'm lapping it all up and only wish you had time to give us the blow by blow (understanding, of course, that you don't).

Yes, that announcement is oh, so tantalizing.