Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blour du Jour--Take 2

Before I forget--tomorrow I'll unveil a new cover. It's way cool. I'll also drop a hint as to what you'll find here on Monday. Ya won't wanna miss out on it, BGs, trust me.

Well, this blour du jour stuff is quite interesting. I hadn’t realized how it all works. The links help move a book up on the Technorati (Web search engine) list of most talked-about books. At time of this posting, Web of Lies was #6 on that list, just a few behind The DaVinci Code. Amazing! The links apparently are counted by number of blogs using this URL to Web of Lies on

The Technorati most talked-about book list can be found at:

This Christian Fiction Blog Tour idea was created by T.L. Hines, author of Waking Lazarus, which releases this summer (and is a great read!)

Here are links for today. Some of yesterday’s interviews have now gone into Part 2. Chris Mikesell’s Interview is new today (So Much Stuff I Can’t Recall). At some of the blogs you'll need to scroll down to yesterday's post. And there are some new links to reviews.

(Now who's gonna be first to tell Mike Snyder we're talkin' about him?)

1. So Much Stuff I Can’t Recall:

Issues about character arcs and scene setting
Is Mike Snyder really all that smart?

2. CCM Magazine interview:

3. Musings from the Windowsill:

What I like best about being a writer
One of the dumbest things I’ve ever done (and it’s pretty dumb)

4. The Savvy Christian Writer:

My first response when my editor said I needed a blog
Do my stories give me nightmares?

5. Reading, Writing . . . and What Else is There?:

What my mother would like you to know about me

6. Refreshment in Refuge:

What I learned in writing Web of Lies.

7. Part 2 on A Christian Worldview of Fiction:

Why I am feeling the need to lie down . . .

8. Part 2 on Christianity 4 Life:

The basis of my calling

Reviews of Web of Lies:

Bonnie Writes:

Scraps of Me:

Mimi’s Pixie Corner:

The Curmudgeon’s Rant:


michael snyder said...

Actually, Jen Tiszai told me yesterday (I'd already perused the Take 1 post twice and didn't even see my name there, proving yet again...)

I'm just waiting for our mythic conversation in the coffee shop to reach legendary proportions, then I'll publish the audio version on or something.

Our beloved host had no idea I was actually recording the conversation... (Insert evil laugh here.)

William G. said...

Why do I hear this Seinfeldian voice in my head screaming, "SNYYYYYYYYDDDDEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!"

By the way, Mike. Are you ever going to update your blog? What's the matter, you and the blog doing a trial separation again?

Marci said...

Hi - just posted the links to the book and this blog at
Hope you go to the top, Brandilyn! :)Marci

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Marianne recommended that a come and take a look. Glad I did, Brandilyn!

Ane Mulligan said...

I'm so excited and already scared! My copy of Violet Dawn arrived. What have I done? ME - the secretary of the Big Honkin' Chicken Club-auditioning for Brandilyn's book blog thingie. I'd better go buy some more hair dye. I'm gonna need it.

C.J. Darlington said...

Can't wait to see a new cover ...

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm reading Violet Dawn....I'll never go in the hot tub again!

michael snyder said...

Okay, what is this? Everyone has their copy but me?

And I must admit I'm a wee bit bummed. I thought it was called Violent Dawn--like maybe this chick named Dawn was a roller derby queen or a mob enforcer...

I even had my cover blurb all ready: "Elmore Leonard meets Tony Orlando's former sidekicks in a wicked cool smackdown!"

(PS: William G, I would love to answer your question but my lawyers have advised a self-imposed gag order. Things have gotten rather nasty, I'm afraid.)

Chris said...

Mike, the dog knew it was coming and got to the mailbox first. Check your backyard or under the water dish.

Thanks for hosting the Mike Snyder message board, Brandilyn.