Friday, April 28, 2006

Blour du Jour--Take 3

Happy Friday!

I hope some of you got more work done this week than I did. I’m supposed to be putting together a couple of ideas for new books after the Kanner Lake series for my next contract with Zondervan. Do you suppose I’ve come up with anything?


In my next life, I shall have ideas boinging from my ears.

In this life—I kick cabinets.

Formal Update #1: Would you believe it—The Photo Shoot didn’t work. We just weren’t happy with the pictures (we meaning I, agent and publisher). So—I get to do it again. Oh joy. This time, inside—studio shots. Hopefully with some interesting shadows, etc. The photographer is coming (a different one this time), make-up artist in tow, to our California house. At least I won’t have to deal with the wind.

I told my publisher I feel like I've flunked first grade and have to take it over.

I shall be very glad when this is behind me.

Formal Update #2: The cover for Coral Moon is in! Nice, with that touch of mystery. When it prints out on glossy photo paper, the greens really become vibrant. Another great cover from the Zondervan art director.

No, I will not tell you what happens in the cabin.

For a reminder of what the Violet Dawn cover looks like, here’s
a gander.

Coming Monday: Serious business, BGs. I have in my possession the one and only, absolutely exclusive photo from a well-known, notorious scandal. It will be revealed for the first time—nationally—right here at Forensics and Faith on Monday morning.

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michael snyder said...

Dig that and very creepy.


Stuart said...

cover image by the evil twin of Thomas Kinkade?

Cool cover...though I think there should be a silhouette of a person in that patch of light at the bottom. At first you think it is coming from the cabin....but then you realize it is the light flowing out of a door someplace "off screen" to the bottom left.

not saying the body should be hanging there by a rope... but maybe lounging against the frame obviously enjoying the vast evil transpiring within the cabin! (which I think is a candle party gone horribly horribly wrong!)

C.J. Darlington said...

Wow. I really like this cover, Brandilyn. The art folks at Zondervan really know their stuff.

Chris Well said...

Wow, I love both covers! (I especially appreciate the creepy effect where the tree branches poke through the letters in your name. Very nice.)

Chris said...

Bestselling Author of Violet Dawn? Does that mean Zondervan already has sales figures for the book? Has Chelsea Adams had another vision?

Or are they figuring no other author will sell as many copies of Violet Dawn as you?

Or, because you are a bestselling author, do you get to add that to everything you write? Bestselling author of Safeway Shopping List. Bestselling author of Birthday Card to Aunt Phyllis. Bestselling author of Post-It Note: Pick Up Drycleaning After 2:30 Dentist Appt.

I have no doubt Violet Dawn will sell handily, it just seems maybe the lads and ladies in marketing have gotten ahead of themselves.

Or am I overthinking this?

It's a great cover BTW. Congrats!

Cara Putman said...

I like the cover a lot! Especially like the coral moon as an accent color. And it mirrors Violet Dawn well enough to make me think of it without being a duplicate.

Becky said...

It's a little thing, but I meant to comment sooner. My part of the blour du jour today is a review. Both parts of the interview are already up, so if anyone is planning on dropping by A Christian Worldview of Fiction to read more from Brandilyn, you'll find instead me talking about her book.


William G. said...

The covers look great. Sorry to hear that the photo shoot didn't work out.

Thanks again Brandilyn! It's been a blast. Keep the lids on all those spider jars please.

Gina said...

Great covers! I just love the colors!

Domino said...

Too bad the photos didn't work out. That's what happens when you risk the outside shot. The indoor photo shoot could be really cool. Are we thinking about a Hitchcock-ish shadow of a knife on the wall you're leaning against? Or maybe a shadow of a hand reaching for "someone's" neck? Or maybe less distinct branch-type shadows surrounding your I-know-something-you-don't-know smile?

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Great cover. The Zondervan people really have their hand on the pulse of your writing...The bottom quote is a bit prophetic! LOL

Sorry about the outdoor photo shoot, hopefully the indoor one will go better. Hey, maybe you could have the missing snake from the Violet Dawn book with you!

Megan DiMaria said...

Wow. Just when you think you know someone, the blog tour gives us more information. Thanks for sharing and being so transparent, Brandilyn. Have fun on the next photo shoot. Here's a good hint ~ bring a music CD to inspire you and the photographer.

Becky said...

Finally snatched a moment to check out the Coral Moon cover. Excellent. (They really made the moon coral!) My fav part is the branch over the portion of your name. Very cool. Don't know why that always makes the cover more interesting.

Hope the next pics work out. Are you wearing the same outfit?


Dineen A. Miller said...

Love the new cover! Great design theme you've got going there. Very cool...

Jezreel said...

Not sure where to post this - I guess this is a good of place as any:

First, I wanted to tell you what a great read Web of Lies was! (Catch my review at

Second, I wanted to tell you that your blog is the featured link of the day over at Jezreel's Links ( It was suggested by fellow blogger Wren Miller (

Keep up the awesome work, Brandilyn!