Friday, April 13, 2007

New Avon Inspire Fiction Line

The latest issue of Christian Retailing includes an article on the secular publisher HarperCollins’ new venture into the Christian fiction market. Through HC’s sixty-five-year-old imprint, Avon Books, the new Avon Inspire line will first feature contemporary and historical titles, and later offer suspense as well.

Launching Avon Inspire on May 8 is Tracey Bateman’s historical, Defiant Heart, first in her “Westward Hearts” series. Next comes Linda Windsor’s Wedding Bell Blues, first in her “Piper Cove Chronicles,” releasing June 26. These two are followed by titles by Lori Copeland and Lyn Cote. Defiant Heart and Wedding Bell Blues are planned for initial printings of 75,000 copies each.

Avon’s Senior Vice President and Publisher Liate Stehlik says Avon Inspire plans to release from six to ten titles a year.

Avon Inspire is partnering with HarperSanFrancisco, which it providing its editor Cynthia DeTiberio for the titles. HSF will also handle marketing the books to Christian stores. (Interesting, that HSF is doing this and not sister publisher Zondervan. They did not explain why.) HSF Deputy Publisher Mark Tauber notes, “This partnership recognizes what we have witnessed happening in the (Christian) industry over the last few years. Namely, that Christian fiction is no longer a sideline in (Christian) and general trade stores, but (it) has become a mainstay.”

Stehlik noted that Avon had noticed many general market customers were buying Christian books. The publisher sensed that this wasn’t “just a Christian thing,” but that more traditional ABA readers were also becoming fans of Christian novels.

Who wants to say a hearty Amen!?


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Anonymous said...

So there ya go. Whatever will the detractors in our faith say to those comments? Probably that it figures it's romance (from their first releases), although the comments didn't stipulate such.

Tracey Bateman said...

AMEN! Thanks for posting this...
I was under the impression that Zondervan was going to help with the sales to CBA stores. But that might have changed.
I'm very excited about this!!!

Judythe Morgan said...

As a yet to be published inspirational romance writer, I'm thrilled at the new opening markets for Christian fiction. What better way to get our inspiring stories in the hands of those who will get the most from the spiritual conflict and affirmations we include.


Anonymous said...


God works in mysterious ways doesn't he?

Unknown said...


Kristy Dykes said...


Karen said...

That's cool. Amen!

T. Forkner said...

Christian fiction has become so far reaching. It's so exciting.