Friday, April 13, 2007

Coral Moon Blour

The Coral Moon blour (blog tour) can be found on these sites. I encourage you to check out these blogs, not just for their Coral Moon reviews, but to meet some new people in the blogosphere. You’re likely to find a few blogs you’ll want to put on your favorites list.

Richard Mabry



The Curmudgeon's Rant

Cee Cee

L. Diane Wolfe


Cara Putman



April Erwin

Valerie Comer

Andrea Graham

Erica Vetsch


Jim Thompson


Sabrina L. Fox

So Many Books...


Christy LaShea Smith

Jackie Castle

Kelly Klepfer

loves to read


Dineen A. Miller

Jim (The Bedford Review) Black


Camy Tang

CeCe Lane


Becky Miller


D. Gudger said...

How does one get to host you on a blog tour? I'm interested on joyinthelitterbox!

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Darcie, the blog tour is hosted by the CFBA, Christian Fiction Blog Alliance:

You can go to their website to join.

Becky said...

I think I had the most fun with your tour. Not into that cut and paste stuff! I like giving original material. LOL

But of course I still used your picture and the book cover. Too perfect to tamper with those.

Now about the discussion we had about antagonists and me not liking chapters from their POV ... well, I said it in my review.


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Becky, I really enjoyed your review. Yours and a few others stand out because you took the time to do some analyzing. I don't have to agree with everything a reviewer says to really like the review. I appreciate the THINKING that well into the review.

Whenever I see a negative in a review I always sit back and ponder it for awhile. Do I just downright disagree with this person, or is there a point there I can grab onto for further writing?

In this case, you and I will continue to agree to disagree. I think this book would not have been as strong without the bad guy's viewpoints. I also didn't understand why seeing his POV should make you less scared of him. He had a bad upbringing, yes, but that upbringing sure didn't stop him from killing people--and he was intent on doing what he had to do in the crisis/climax scene.

Thanks, Becky, so much for your review. I always enjoy talking to you because you have insightful thoughts. And the fact that we often don't agree is what makes the conversations interesting. :)

Vennessa said...

Due to distance, I only got my copy of Coral Moon two days ago, so I guess I will be too late for the tour. But I will review it later. :-)

Becky said...

Thanks, Brandilyn. I think more people who do reviews need to hear what you said. I can't speak from first hand experience, of course, but I imagine the reviews that an author cares about are the ones that show a reader has truly interacted with the work.

And you're right. You and I will continue to agree and disagree--I am, after all, really a member of the BHCC. LOL

But why does my knowing the poor abused antag's past make me less afraid? I think I just feel sorry for him. I can't feel both sorry and afraid. But maybe that's me.


Sabrina L. Fox said...

Thanks for posting the links, Brandilyn. If anyone is interested, I'm giving away a copy of Coral Moon on my blog.

I understand what Becky is saying to a point. I just told someone that you have a gift of making us feel compassion for these evil bad guys. I still fear and tremble thinking about the darkness that your character embodied, but I could see the progression of how he got to that place. :/ But then that's my two cents.

Tina said...

Hi everyone! I blogged about Brandilyn's book too. Stop by if you'd like. So excited about this book!