Thursday, April 12, 2007

News Flash! BHCC Takes Major Hit!

Could the BHCC be unraveling? In a few days’ time, three events have occurred:

First, I received this email:

Brandilyn, I wanted to drop you a note to say hi. I have been a card carrying member of the Big Honkin' Chickens Club for years. I'm also an aspiring writer who has enjoyed reading your blog. I finally broke down and read one of your books. I was reading it to discover how you tied faith with suspense. I read Brink of Death. I must admit that I didn't hate it. In fact, I read it in one evening and was turning the pages so quickly at the end that it was ridiculous. So while I'm not a huge fan of the genre, I am a fan of your writing.

Imagine that. A BHCC member who read one of my books, and reports no nightmares. And actually enjoyed herself.

Then to further weaken the club’s foundations, its very Vice President, Robin Lee Hatcher,
posted about Coral Moon on her own blog yesterday. Ever the chicken, she admitted to not reading the book, but did highly tout my writing to others.

In her post, Robin mentioned BHCC President Deb Raney. These two share a common entry into the club. Since they had enjoyed my previous women's fiction novels, both forced themselves to read my first suspense, Eyes of Elisha. Both had nightmares. In her comment to Robin’s post, Deb claimed she gained 10 pounds after reading the book because she could no longer walk the path she’d once used for exercising. From then on, both of these dear pals of mine swore off my books.

Naturally I did the only thing a self-respecting suspense author/pal would do. I eventually dedicated a book to them. The creepiest one of all: Web of Lies. Surely these two weenies would read a book dedicated to them.


I answered Robin’s post and Deb’s comment with this challenge:

Deb and Robin, you know I love ya both. And yes, I am such a forgiving soul. But I'd send ya both five pounds of chocolate--your choice of brand--if you'd read Web of Lies--the BOOK I SO THOUGHTFULLY, GRACIOUSLY, CONSIDERATELY AND WITH ABSOLUTELY NO TEASING INTENT OR ILL WILL--dedicated to both of you.


I thought that would be the end of it. But these BHCC members can fool you sometimes. Deb replied in an email:

Okay, I’ve responded to your challenge, Brandilyn, and to prove my intentions, I’ve just finished the prologue and Chapter 1. Okay...I gotta admit it: you’re good and I’m hooked. (Even though that first scene is WAY too much like the murder I witnessed in a grocery store 13 years ago!) I’m also home alone right now, so may hold off on chapter 2 until Ken and Tavia get home. Or maybe I’ll take it to the hospital and snuggle next to my dad and read it where spiders are regularly exterminated and medical help is close at hand, just in case I have a stroke or something. ; ) But I can already taste the DeBrands. Hey! Wait a minute! This book is going to make me gain 10 pounds, too, isn’t it??? You sneaky thing, you...

Deb concluded by noting: I even stooped to putting you in my ‘What Deb’s Currently Reading’ feature on my website.

That's a might deep stoop all right, Deb.

BHCC, you just might lose your president. Either she’ll come over to the dark side or be hit with a major coronary. Either way she’ll be two sizes bigger after eating all that chocolate.

DeBrands, huh. Better start savin’ my pennies. That is, if she finishes the book.

Who's bettin' she won't get through it?


Coral Moon blog tour continues today and tomorrow.


Elaina M. Avalos said...

Does everyone who reads a Brandilyn Collins book gain ten pounds? Or is that just BHCC members? Because I just finished Coral Moon Wednesday night, my first Brandilyn Collins book, and let's just say I can't afford to gain 10 pounds. :)

Jannie Ernst said...

Now I know why I had to join a weight loss club - it's all Brandilyn's fault! But just like any good old ice cream or steak or chocolates, I refuse to go without Brandilyn. I even have my husband hooked now, and he's one of those non-fiction types. He can't go to sleep these days without reading a few Brandilyn chapters... and he sleeps like a baby! That just shows you how much chicken the BHCC chickens really are!

Cara Putman said...

Ohhh...DeBrands is GOOOOOD chocolate. Well worth tackling a fear :-)

Karla said...

How have I lived in north Idaho (currently in Rathdrum) all these years and not have come across your books before? I'm dying to get my hands on them. I'll be adding some titles to my TBR pile, I can already tell! No member of the BHCC here... well, maybe just a little... especially if it involves snakes... but I'm usually up for a good mystery.

Oh, and I know just where Kanner Lake is... it's the next town over, I think... or somewhere in that neighborhood... but that Java Joint keeps eluding me! Looking forward to getting acquainted with the folks there.

Christina Berry said...

Throw in a Moonstruck bar or two if they finish, just as an extra incentive! ;-)

Deborah Raney said...

Hey, I like that idea, Christina. I bartered for a half-pound of fine coffee to go with the DeBrands, too. : ) And FYI, I'm on page 41 and still hanging in... I'll give it to the girl: she IS good! I'm reading in the house ALONE today, though, so PRAYERS would be appreciated! LOL!

D. Gudger said...

I've never heard of DeBrands - does anyone know if it's available in Colorado?

I guess I'm the opposite of a BHC (Big Honkin' Chicken), I thrive on BC's kind of writing!

Tell Deb and Robin I reference their little club in my review of CORAL MOON :) I dare BHCC members to read it :)

Methinks I'll have to make a list of "immersion therapy" books for BHCC members who want out! (I'll do that on my blog)

C.J. Darlington said...

Whew. And I thought I was the only one who'd never tried DeBrands ... Anyone here tried Wilbur's chocolate? They make it practically down the street from me in Lititz, PA.

Nicole said...

Rathdrum? I've been there. My husband delivers all kinds of pet food there every Monday. :)

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Karla, welcome! How wonderful to "meet" someone from Rathdrum.

In the author's note at the beginning of Violet Dawn I note where I've placed Kanner Lake. Not that far from you! Please stop in at Java Joint next time you're in town and tell the gang hi for me. Just don't sit on Wilbur's stool.

Becky said...

And just yesterday on my blog, I mentioned being a reformed BHC. ;-)

BTW, you haven't mentioned your tour!

Folks need to get out and read all about you! Me, I posted a Brandily Challenge today. Was fun! Just wish I’d had more time to write more.


CeCe Lane said...

I'll be finishing up Coral Moon tonight. (of course I know who did it. I must be a card carrying member of the BHCC as I always read the first few chapters and then the last few chapters and then I read the middle. Otherwise I'm scared chicken.)

I'll do my review either tonight or tomorrow.

CeCe Lane said...

OK I have to edit that, I love mystery/suspense books, unless Robert Liparulo wrote them. But I must know whodunnit before I find out at the end.

Patricia W. said...

I follow your blog religiously but I have to admit...uh...I haven't read any of your books yet either. Just call me a mini-BHCC. I enjoyed the pre-release chapters for Violet Lake but couldn't bring myself to read the rest. Didn't sign up for Coral Moon. I have EYES OF ELISHA on my TBR list...

All because I recall reading a certain secular suspense author who shall go unnamed, when I was single and lived alone. Couldn't put it down although I knew the damage that was being done. Wound up sitting up all night with a hammer in my hand hearing noises in the middle of the workweek.

Deb and Robin, if you gain too much weight and don't want to finish your chocolate, I'll take it.

Patricia W. said...

Ooops! See your stuff is so scary, couldn't get the title right. I meant VIOLET DAWN.