Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Christian Fiction Online Magazine

Kudos to the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for its brand-new periodical (Michelle Sutton, editor). It's a very nice-looking piece of work. Lots of articles for readers and writers. Check out Christian Fiction Online Magazine.


Exposure update:

Wrote 16 hours Monday, 14 yesterday. TYPED THE LAST WORD OF MY MANUSCRIPT YESTERDAY! Today I am going through the whole thing for one final edit.

I'm tired but happy.

Tomorrow I'm goin' shoppin'.


Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

Congrats on finishing your manuscript. Wonderful feeling, isn't it? I hit the magic 50K mark on Monday--the halfway point, so I'm on the downward swing now.

Pam Halter said...

Way to go!! Yes, a shopping trip with lunch is just the ticket.

Domino said...

I'm happy for you!

Shopping for new cabinets? ;)