Monday, July 07, 2008


Hope everyone had a great fourth. We sure did. We always have a big barbeque at the house in Idaho. My son invites a lot of friends, and I'm never quite sure how many are going to show up. Let's just say I do a HUGE store run.

I was expecting to finish Exposure on Wednesday. Didn't happen. As I was reading through it, I saw more that needed to be done to the ending. I worked until midnight that night, then crashed. The next morning I was up early and back at it. Finished in the afternoon and hit the ol' "send" button at 3:00 p.m. I looked up, totally google-eyed, and saw there was a big world out there. And it was almost the fourth! Agh, I hadn't even done the store run yet.

After a great holiday we came back to California yesterday. Today through Wednesday I'm in my California office, then Thursday it's off to the ChiLibris novelist's retreat and ICRS--the annual publishing convention. In Orlando. In July. I shall not be taking jackets.

As with most authors at ICRS I'll have meetings with my agent, my publisher, interviews here and there, plus a signing on the floor. I will be signing with Michael Snyder of clairvoyant dog fame. We ought to have a great time. He'll be signing copies of My Name is Russel Fink, and I'll be signing Amber Morn. Now what kind of appropriate stunt do you think we should pull? Maybe he could bring a dog, and I'll take it hostage? I'm listening to any ideas you might have.


Pam Halter said...

Maybe you could take Michael hostage and the DOG could save the day! HA!!

Nicole said...

I think you definitely need to set up a fire hydrant by the table, and don't forget to bring a few "whiskey biscuits". And maybe give him a T-shirt that says "My Name Is Brandilyn Collins".

Inspire said...

I think you should have those small doggie milkbone treats in a bowl on your table instead of chocolates.

michael snyder said...

Man, see what I miss on a travel week?

Great suggestions so far...and I must admit I've been a little worried about what Brandilyn might try to pull off here. Anybody know what kind of chocolate she likes? You know, to try and butter her up on the front end?

Actually, I'm honored so share some floor space with BC!


Susan Kelly Skitt said...

I've enjoyed reading your books :) You're an excellent writer.

I remember the first time I read one of your books a few months ago - I was certainly glad my husband wasn't traveling for work... it freaked me out!

Scary, yet redemptive - what an amazing combination!