Friday, September 05, 2008

ARCS of Dark Pursuit Now Available

Attention bloggers! Would you like an early read of my next novel, Dark Pursuit, releasing in November? Zondervan will send ARCs to the first 100 people to respond to this offer. (ARCS—advanced reader copies—are the full printed book before proofing and without the glossed and embossed cover.) Zondervan is asking only two things in return: That by October 31 each recipient writes an honest review of Dark Pursuit on his/her own blog, and also posts a review on at least one online site such as or

Note to CFBA members—no need to respond to this offer. You will have a chance to receive the final printed book for the Dark Pursuit blog tour in December. Those of you who’ve requested to be on my influencer list, you too will receive a printed book after release. If you choose to request an ARC at this time, that’s fine; we’ll take you off that list.

From the back cover:

Novelist Darell Brooke lived for his title as King of Suspense—until an auto accident left him unable to concentrate. Two years later, recluse and bitter, he wants one thing: to plot a new novel and regain his reputation.

Kaitlan Sering, his twenty-two-year-old granddaughter, once lived for drugs. After she stole from Darell, he cut her off. Now she’s rebuilding her life. But in Kaitlan’s town two women have been murdered, and she’s about to discover a third. She’s even more shocked to realize the culprit—her boyfriend, Craig, the police chief’s son.

Desperate, Kaitlan flees to her estranged grandfather. For over forty years, Darell Brooke has lived suspense. Surely he’ll devise a plan to trap the cunning Craig.

But can Darell’s muddled mind do it? And—if he tries—with what motivation? For Kaitlan’s plight may be the stunning answer to the elusive plot he seeks...

Behind the scenes in writing Dark Pursuit:

Yes, I enjoy creating the fast-paced plots, but there's always symbolism beneath the story. For years I’ve loved the passage from John Milton’s Paradise Lost about Satan and his cohorts, kicked out of heaven and bemoaning their fate. In revenge Satan visits Adam and Eve on Earth and woos them away from their God. Satan offers them spiritual death—disguised as life. Man falls for the deceit. And so the need for redemption is born. Down the ages some of mankind would embrace redemption; others would be blind to their very need for it.

With these thoughts in mind I created the contemporary characters of Dark Pursuit and set them on their twisting path.

To receive an ARC:

Please email my assistant with this s
ubject line: Dark Pursuit ARC. Include your name, street address, and blog URL. This offer is available for residents of the US and Canada.

Know any suspense-loving blogger friends who might be interested? Feel free to tell them about this post.


Anonymous said...

OHHH, sounds awesome. I just sent my email to your assistant. I'll post this link to my blog as well.

Have a GREAT Friday!!

Pam Halter said...

I'd love to read it, too, and will write something on amazon and Facebook, since my blog is still under construction.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read it and post with pleasure! I've emailed.