Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Bargain and New Covers

First, the bargain. BHCC members--take note. Christianbook.com is selling Color the Sidewalk for Me and Capture the Wind for Me for $3.99 each. What are you waiting for? Go buy both of them--here. Sidewalk and Wind are books 2 and 3 of my Bradleyville series. You can read them without reading book 1. If you want them all--buy them in a package for $17.99 here. Then go to the Free Stuff page of my web site and request autographed bookplates. Voila--a signed series. Biting the dust--all your excuses not to read a Brandilyn Collins novel.

Second, the covers are in for the two-book Rayne Tour series, co-written with my daughter Amberly.

The Rayne Tour books feature Shaley O'Connor, daughter of rock star Rayne O'Connor. Shaley seems to have it all--a life of limos, backstage passes, and fancy hotels--until murder shakes her world.

Always Watching and Last Breath release next spring.


Nicole said...

Really love those covers. Great designs.

Rel said...

The covers look fantastic!

Color the Sidewalk for Me was my first dip into your books many years ago and one of the first few books we discussed at my Book Club ~ well worth buying everyone!

Jason said...


I agree, the covers look great! Did they use Amberly as the cover model?

I've been meaning to ask - how was it to work together with your daughter? How did you manage splitting the writing? Hopefully this gives you fodder for future blog posts.

They should be quite interesting, almost a Hannah Montana meets murder motif...(Only better written stuff, I'm sure)

Dineen A. Miller said...

LOVE these covers, Brandilyn. Just awesome.

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Jason, I did the writing. Amberly helped me plot and come up with the characters in the first place. She also edited--vetting for the POV of a teenager. She has very good insights. She'll be a real asset in marketing as well.

Thanks to all for the word on the covers. I really do think they'll stand out on the shelves.