Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Off to ACFW Conference

Like quite a number of you, I'm headed to the conference. The ol' alarm clock went off at 3:10 this morning. Ugh, early flights. It's hard to make a 3:00 p.m. board meeting when you're flying from the west coast and losing two hours in the process.

I have been preparing spiritually for the conference for a couple of months now. Asking God to help me hear His voice as I pray with folks in the prayer room. Asking him to prepare the hearts of whatever people I end up praying with. The ACFW conference is great in teaching and networking and fun and comraderie. But greatest of all are the miracles I've seen God perform--emotional, physical, spiritual--in the prayer room.

In addition to that I look forward to emceeing again, and in general seeing all those wonderful people I respect and admire so much. My mom will be with me again this year. At approaching 92, she may find this to be her last conference. We'll see.

It will be a very busy time. But I have my camera and promise to take photos as I can and post them here. If I miss a day, well, at least you know I'm keeping out of trouble.

On the other hand, I never seem to keep out of trouble. Wherever I go, it finds me.

Look forward to giving some of you a hug soon.


Richard Mabry said...

And I plan to collect that hug. See you soon.

Rita Gerlach said...
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Rita Gerlach said...

I will not be there to give you a hug, Brandilyn, and to thank you for the post about Barbara Scott and Abingdon Press. It was an answer to prayer. Have a fantastic time. Take lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Ouch 3:10am. Yikes. I've done that a ton of times (I used to travel around the country to do inline speed skating races...) West to East is the harshest. YIKES.

I wish I could have gone to ACFW this year (It's my first year with ACFW...just joined in May), but next year it's in Denver, so I'll be there.

Be safe in your travels!