Friday, October 31, 2008

Sony/Kindle Follow-Up

This comment came in regarding my post on the Sony vs. Kindle--on my Facebook page, which includes feeds from this blog. It's an important addendum with updated info on the new Sony. Sue Brower from Zondervan said:
"Okay, I will give the perspective of a very satisfied Sony Reader fan. I love my Reader! I can download manuscripts (without having to go through Amazon) just by saving them as an .rtf file and then importing to the Reader. Having to download from computer sure hasn't stopped me from downloading any book I want. I tend to "buy ahead" anyway. I have anywhere from 6-10 books lined up to-be-read. The Reader I have does not have highlighting, but I don't miss it--I still prefer to work on a manuscript with a big screen. It's light, it's easy to use, and the battery lasts forever. Now there is a new Sony Reader available, same price as Kindle, and it does have the highlight and text entering feature. I'll just have to wait for awhile to get that one.

"By the way, Sony is the only one that it is helping with a retail solution. You can buy "smart cards" at Christian bookstores, take them home and then download your book. This allows you to scan the book a bit, touch and feel the printed copy, then go over to a rack and buy a download--same price as the printed book or a little less. The brick and mortar retailer makes money, the author makes money, and the publisher makes money. Yippee! We call ours Symtio."

I posted about Symtio last July, when Zondervan first unveiled this new product at ICRS. Please refer to that post for more information and to see a video on the product.

Happy weekend, BGs! So who's going out and buying a Sony/Kindle? Or getting on Twitter? Or ... visiting their mom in Oshkosh?

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Randy Mortenson said...

I still like the Kindle. Not getting one yet, but...

Twitter will wait. I'm not twitter-pated enough by it yet.

Oshkosh? B'gosh!

Thanks for the info, Brandilyn!