Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twitter Tools

Thanks to all who commented on yesterday's post. Lots of opinions about Twitter out there! Some say it's not for them; others insist it's way cool on a personal as well as professional level. Despite my arguments against Twitter, I do see the positive benefits. I just might join myself someday.

Note some positive comments to yesterday's post from Laura Christianson, co-owner of He Blogs, She Blogs:

"... I started following a few marketers, authors, and marketing bloggers on Twitter and learning from them. They posted all kinds of cool stuff that I could use - links to helpful blog articles, ideas for how to build my business, etc. I began doing the same and people started following us ... I limit myself to about 10 minutes a day on Twitter (okay...20) and I post--and read others' posts--as I'm transitioning between projects. I view it as simultaneously taking a break and getting inspired for my next project."

On an author's loop agent/author Terry Whalin mentioned numerous sites that help folks learn Twitter and moderate its use to an effective level. I'm printing them here with Terry's permission.

Twhirl: desktop software that helps organize Twitter

Free ebook on how to get the most from Twitter

Tweetlater: to set up your tweets on a time release schedule

Twellow: a twitter search tool but you can also set up your profile, increase your visibility, etc.

Qwitter: catching people who quit following you on twitter

Twitterless: keeping track of your followers

Twitter Alerts: like Google Alerts except for Twitter. You can set up different key words and see how people are talking about your name or your book--and it sends it right to your email address.

Anybody have other helpful Twitter sites?


Grady Houger said...

Thanks for providing such a useful array of links Brandilyn, those look quite helpful.

Pam Meyers said...

Thanks Brandilyn!
Maybe with these links I can figure it out. When I get a minute, that is LOL

Karen said...

Okay!Okay! I've become a. . . what do you call someone who twitters? See, now I have to learn another foreign language. Thanks for the links. I missed that on the forum and I desperately needed the free e-book on how-to.

Terry Whalin said...


Twitter is grand fun. One of my friends, parenting guru, Kathy Sena in California put a little girl photo on twitter and I've followed suit (at least for a few days:

Twitter is a fun tool--just so you don't twitter away too much time.

Terry Whalin
Author of Book Proposals That Sell

D. Gudger said...

Cyber network nightmare! How many of these things are there? I did MySpace (which I despise b/c it is so slow and doesn't run well on Firefox), then got invited to Facebook. Joined FB last week, and now have invites to like, 10 different online thingies! I'm ignoring all of them b/c I can't remember what I'm one, who's on what.

So, I have my blog, Shoutlife, Facebook and a barely there MySpace (I use it to catch my students).

I'm not joining anything else cuz I gotta write:)