Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Called Out of Darkness

I want to tell, as simply as I can-and nothing with me as a writer has ever really been simple-the story of how I made my decision of the heart.

So here is the story of one path to God...

If this path to God is an illusion, then the story is worthless. If the path is real, then we have something here that may matter to you as well as to me.

So says Anne Rice in her memoir, Called Out of Darkness, released in October. (You can read the first chapter here.)

Anne's novels about Christ, and now her memoir, make me smile. What a great testimony this incredible writer is giving to the world.

Bookreporter.com has a thorough, thoughtful (and very positive) review. I agree with the reviewer that learning more about Anne Rice--and how much of her personal angst wound up in her novels--makes me want to re-read some of her work.

As this post was written, Called Out of Darkness was sitting at #1484 on Amazon. It's available in hard cover, on audio and on the Kindle.

Visit Anne's web site to read reviews of her memoir, and to hear her interview with James Dobson. (Now there's a combination that also makes me smile.)

A week ago here we discussed the trend of general houses publishing Christian fiction--and not through their Christian imprints. Anne's future books will be a part of that trend. According to her web site she will not be doing the Christian Lestat novel that so many of her fans have suggested. After "prayer, meditation, and much pondering" she "doesn't think such a novel is possible." However, she has announced she will be writing a new three-book Christian fiction series of metaphysical thrillers called Songs of the Seraphim. Read more at this page of her web site.

Waytago, Anne! I applaud you.


Anonymous said...

Anne Rice's story is a great one! Thanks for sharing.

Pam Halter said...

Anne Rice is a marvelous writer ~ I'm thrilled to read about what God is doing with her career!