Tuesday, December 02, 2008

News around the Blogosphere

1. From Christian Retailing: CBA has announced it's shortening next year's ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) from five to four days. Sounds like a good move. Read the complete story here.

2. Writers--want your rejection letters published? Sure ya do! Hey, if you can't sell the manuscript ... Or how about other kinds of rejections? Turned down by a college? Received a Dear John letter? Any such negativity is fair game. (Don't worry, you will remain anonymous.) The proposed Other People's Rejection Letters is a follow-up to Bill Shapiro's Other People's Love Letters. Read this announcement for details.

3. The terrorists in Mumbai used Google Earth to learn their way around their targets. Details here.

4. I'm waiting impatiently for the 2008 videos of the Good house in Tyler, Texas. Once they're up I'll be letting you know. Great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

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