Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cell Phones and Resumes

Update to today's post, 9:45 a.m.:

Here's a way everyone can help support Liz and Katy: the Letters for Katy Campaign. Please read the post and take ten minute to participate. I also urge you to spread the word about this post through your own online networking. Thank you, @lettersoflove!

Update 2:50 p.m.:

Just got off the phone from my interview with Steve Deace at WHO NewsRadio (1040 Iowa). Steve conducted a great interview, giving out this blog's URL and Katy's URL numerous times. I hope this results in more help for Liz and Katy. If you are a WHO NewsRadio listener just joining us--welcome. To donate to Katy and Liz: Send a check to Elizabeth Hughes, P.O. Box 111525, Campbell, CA 95011, or use Paypal, sending to: hugheselizabeth (@) rocketmail (dot) com.

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Yesterday was a day with a lot of behind-the-scenes work on behalf of Liz and Katy. I heard from Good Morning America. The segment producer is still working to get a firm date for the show. I hope to hear more details from her today and that the show is still a go.

Liz needed to have a reliable cell phone as we work to set up job interviews, etc. for her. Kudos to Verizon Wireless on El Camino in Santa Clara, California for donating phones to both Liz and Katy! Sales person Miguel Gonzalez was so helpful and kind when I called to tell him of Liz's need. He even offered to pitch in personally if necessary. I asked for a phone for Liz, but he ended up getting one for Katy too. She is thrilled! Miguel helped set them up on a pre-payment plan for now.

Katy is receiving numerous requests about her artwork. She's already been hired to draw an avatar for one person. And others have asked her about such things as selling her art in various ways and illustrating a children's book. Through Twitter (God bless Twitter!) I was led to full-time artist Tony Snipes, who agreed to give Katy some guidance as to how to charge for her work. Thanks, Tony!

Deputy Attorney General/novelist Rick Acker continues to be a tremendous help. He's refined Liz's resume and circulated it, and has now set up interview coaching for her, which will begin later this week. We're also working on getting her clothes for her interviews. Rick has tracked down some clothing places that might help.

Today at 4:15 Central time (2:15 Pacific) I will be on WHO News Radio 1040 (Iowa) speaking with host Steve Deace about the Liz and Katy story. The interview will run around 20 minutes. You can listen live here. I don't know yet about listening after the show is over. If I find a link for that on the WHO site, I'll post it in an update.

Speaking of updates, Katy has updated her blog, complete with pictures.

In a comment yesterday novelist Neta Jackson posted a link for Breakthrough Urban Ministries in Chicago, saying it's "a fantastic Christian ministry that runs both a men's and women's shelter plus programs for kids and women." Neta also wrote, "I'm so glad you're highlighting the plight of the homeless. I've been volunteering at [Breakthough Urban Ministries] for a year and a half now, and oh! the stories! (One result is that my new series, the Yada Yada House of Hope, is about a homeless shelter.)"

I urge you to check out Breakthrough Urban Ministry if you're in the Chicago area. Or you can always donate online. If you're not in Chicago--how can you help a homeless family in your area?


Pam Meyers said...

Neta is right. Breakthrough is a wonderful ministry to the homeless in the city of Chicago. It's been there a long while. Back a number of years the singles group I was in took sleeping bags down there from the burbs and the lady who coordinates the ministry took us down to an area in the Loop where many homeless stayed to keep warm. We handed out some bags there and another church came with warm food. We prayed with the guys and it was the most moving time in my Christian life at that point.

My church has a ministry to the Chicago homeless that started with one woman wanted to do something for a shelter in the city by taking them some sweets. That was several years ago. Now, twice a month a school bus travels into the city on Sun. morning loads up the bus with homeless people, brings them out to the burbs. They attend church and then there's a HUGE buffet of potluck type food and more for them. We have a clothing room too, and a Bible study. Guys have been clothed, fed, saved, baptized since this started. Some have found jobs, been reconciled with families, been able to get their own apts. God does at least one "God-Thing" each week related to this wonderful ministry.

It's something anyone can do in a church. Here's the website for the ministry to use as an example and I know, Marion, the lady who founded it would be willing to answer questions: http://tinyurl.com/9yvez7

BTW, Neta's latest book "Where Do I Go" is set in a Chicago women's homeless shelter and it's wonderful. It a spinoff from her popular Yada Yada Prayer Group series. She's a special lady and I'm tickled to have her right her in Chicagoland :-).

Anonymous said...

Brandilyn, I'm so inspired by you and what you are doing. Thank you for it. I am praying for Katy and Liz.

Katie said...

So, Brandilyn, when do you sleep? This is all amazing. I'm impressed by your vision, and by how many people, holding various pieces of the puzzle, are coming forward to contribute. Thanks for introducing us to Liz & Katy.