Monday, January 05, 2009

What Will You Do?

Happy first full week of the new year. Welcome, old readers and new to Forensics and Faith in 2009.

Sometime today I should be hearing from the segment producer of Good Morning America regarding when the show on Katy and Liz will be filmed and aired. I'll post updates here and on Twitter/Facebook throughout the day.

Something big is happening. Something bigger than the Katy and Liz story alone. Katy and Liz have captured the hearts of many because they've put a face on the plight of homeless families. Oh, we hear about such folks--out there, somewhere. But how often do we do something to help? Until last week, when I heard from Liz, one of my readers, I'd done nothing. Liz was that tug at my heart.

As I continue to spread this story in order to help Katy and Liz get settled into a home and employment, I also want to spread the challenge. What are you doing to help a homeless family? They're all over our country. They're so often the working poor, who missed a few paychecks or got laid off from a job--and find themselves without a home. It's so easy to judge. It's so easy to misunderstand. "Why don't they just get a job?" Sometimes they can't find employment. Sometimes serious health issues stand in the way. I ask you--will you judge from your warm bed at night? Or will you do something to help? I thank God for the privilege of being the helping hands to get the story started for this one family. I can't help every homeless family out there. We need a nation of compassionate people to do that.

Here are some blogs for today with stories about Katy and Liz:

Kittens Come From Eggs: A teen in Katy's area, fighting a hard battle of her own, reaches out to Katy.

Heading Home: Lynn Mosher's thoughtful post about helping the homeless.

Writing From Home: To the Rescue? What will you do?

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Neta Jackson said...

Brandilyn, I'm just now catching up on this story. I'm so glad you're highlighting the plight of the homeless. I've been volunteering at a homeless shelter for a year and a half now, and oh! the stories! (One result is that my new series, the Yada Yada House of Hope, is about a homeless shelter.)

But I'd like to say that while it might make us feel good to help ONE specific family, ministries that work day in and day out with the poor and homeless need our support (both financially and as volunteers). In Chicago, Breakthrough Urban Ministries is a fantastic Christian ministry that runs both a men's and women's shelter PLUS day programs for kids and women (check it out at

As Ann Marie Rousseau said in her book, Shopping Bag Ladies, "To be homeless is to be invisible." It's so true. That has challenged me to stop and talk to the panhandler and ask what his (her) name is, tell him mine, just talk a bit. (Calling someone by NAME is the first step toward recognizing PERSONHOOD.)

Anyway, THANKS AGAIN, for highlighting this story. It does help make the plight of the homeless a reality. BLESS YOU!

Your sister-author-friend,
Neta Jackson
The Yada Yada Prayer Group series
The Yada Yada House of Hope series