Wednesday, April 15, 2009

December '08 List of "Today's Word"

I'm continuing to catch up with Twitter on these monthly posts of Today's Word. Halfway through next month I'll post the list for January '09, and then we'll be up to date, since I started posting them here in February '09. All of the montly Today's Word lists will be linked in the F&F archives.

BLETCHEROUS (BLETCH-r-us)--disgusting, aesthetically unappealing.

SPHALLOLALIA (SFAL-oh-LAY-lee-yuh)--Flirting that doesn't lead anywhere.

ULTRACREPIDARIAN (ultra-CRE-pi-DARE-ian)-- Giving opinions on a subject beyond one's knowledge.

JOBBERNOWL (JOB-ur-nohl). A stupid person. A blockhead.

FILIPENDULOUS (fil-i-PEND-joo-lus) suspended by or strung upon a single thread.

HONEYFUGGLE (HUN-e-fug-gle)--To flatter in order to cheat or deceive. From honey Eng. dialect fugle--to cheat.

ACHALASIA (AK-uh-LAW-ze-uh)--failure of a ring of muscle (as a sphincter) to relax.

GARBOIL (GAR-boil). A state of disturbance. Turmoil.

REVENANT (REV-uh-nant)--One who returns, as from the dead, or after a prolonged absence.

PERORATE (PER-uh-rate)--To deliver a speech in a grandiloquent style, to speak at length.

CACHINNATE (KAK-i-nate)--To laugh very loudly or convulsively.

DEGLUTITION (De-gluh-TI-shun)--The act or process of swallowing.

ONEIRIC (oh-NEER-ik)--Pertaining to dreams.

FARRAGO (fu-RAH-goh)--Confused, mismatched group of words or ideas. Or--Half-truths designed to deceive.

NEOTERIC (nee-uh-TER-ik)--Recent in origin, new.

BETISE (bay-TEEZ)--General foolishness or stupidity. Or--an act of foolishness. From French bete--foolish.

TANTIVY (tan-TIV-ee)--A headlong dash. At a gallop.

EMBROCATE (EM-bru-kate)--To moisten and rub a part of a body with lotion.

RECUMBENTIBUS (re-kum-BENT-i-bus)--a knock-down blow.

AMYGDALINE (uh-mig-da-LINE) Relating to or resembling an almond.

ARRIVISTE (a-ree-VEEST)--one who employs any means, however unscrupulous, to achieve success.

RECTAMENTA (ruh-JECT-u-MENT-uh)--Rejected things.

SALVIFIC (SAL-vific)--Redemptive; having the intent to save.

CONCINNATE (CON-sinnut)--(adjective) put together with neat propriety; of elegant style.

PERSIFLAGE (PER-su-flazh)--frivolous bantering talk.

OZOSTOMIA (O-zuh-STO-mee-uh)--bad breath.

UNCINATE (UN-su-nut)--bent at the tip like a hook.

CHANTAGE (shan-TAZH)--Blackmail. From the French CHANTER--to sing.

KYOODLE (KI-yoo-dul)--to make loud useless noises.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite from this list has to be honeyfuggle. Sounds hilarious!

I also have a future "Today's Word" suggestion: "Obfuscation" or "Obfuscate".

As in, "Eschew Obfuscation". It was among a list of bumper stickers I received in an email years ago. I had to look the words up and have never forgotten them since.

"Eschew" might be a good word to include too.