Friday, May 15, 2009

January '09 List of "Today's Word"

This will be the last mid-month post to catch us up on the monthly lists of Today's Word that I put out on Twitter. Once this blog has undergone its make-over, I'll make sure that all monthly lists are in the archives.

Ya gotta admit, there are some cool words in this list. Anyone want to tackle creating a sentence with at least six of them?

ERUBESCENT (err-oo-BES-ent)--adj.--to grow red; blushing.

RODOMONTADE (RODE-uh-mahn-TADE)--pretentious bragging; bluster.

STREPITOUS (STREP-i-dus)--adj.--Noisy, boisterous.

BENISON (BEN-i-zun)--noun--Blessing or benediction.

VESICANT (VES-i-kunt)--Noun: an agent that causes blisters. Adj: causing blisters.

SETACEOUS (si-TAY-shus)--adj.--Bristly.

RHATHYMIA (ruh-THI-me-uh)--noun--The state of being carefree.

ESCHAROTIC (es-kuh-ROT-ik)--adj.--Caustic; corrosive.

TERGIVERSATORY (TUR-ji-VER-sa-tory)--adj.--Evasive, ambiguous; Capable of changing/reversing opinions.

AILUROPHOBE (ay-lur-oh-PHOBE)--noun--one who hates or fears cats.

ELEEMOSYNARY (e-lee-MOSS-in-ary)--adj.--Charitable; of or relating to charity.

CAMPESTRAL (kam-PES-trul)--adj.--rural; relating to fields or open country.

BATHETIC (bu-THE-tik)--adj.--Very common-place or trite; relating to insincere/overdone pathos.

ONEIRIC (oh-NIH-rik)--adj.--Relating to dreams; dreamy.

PALAVER (pu-LA-vur)--noun--A long conversation/discussion; idle talk; misleading or beguiling speech.

BYZANTINE (BIH-zun-teen)--adj.--intricately involved and often devious.

MYRMIDON (MUR-muh-don)--noun--Loyal follower; subordinate who executes orders unquestioningly/unscrupulously.

UXORIAL (uk-SOR-EE-ul)--adj.--Relating to, or characteristic of a wife.

BENEFIC (bu-NEH-fik)--adj.--Doing or producing good (by acts of kindness/charity.

QUI VIVE (kee-VEEV)--noun--Alert, lookout.

YIPS--noun--state of nervous tension affecting an athlete in performance of a crucial action.

WIDDERSHINS (WI-dur-shunz)--adj.--In a left-handed, wrong, or contrary direction, as in counterclockwise.

THANATOLOGY (tha-nuh-TAH-lu-gee)--noun--Description/study of death and methods of coping with it.

LUCULLAN (loo-KUHL-un)--adj.--Lavish, luxurious. Used especially of food.

DAEDAL (DEE-duhl)--adj.--Skillful, artistic; intricate; adorned with many things.

TABULA RASA (TA-byu-luh RAH-zuh)--noun--The mind in its hypothetical primary blank or empty state.

LACUNA (luh-KOO-nuh)--noun--A blank space or missing part; small cavity in an anatomical structure.

CONGERIES (KAHN-juh-reez)--noun--Collection or mass of entities (as in objects, forces, people or ideas).

RANTIPOLE (RAN-ti-pohl)--adj.--Characterized by a wild, unruly manner/attitude

ABJURE (ab-JOOR)--verb--To recant solemnly; to renounce under oath.

DUENDE (doo-EN-day)--noun--The power to attract through personal magnetism and charm.

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Hannah said...

She was unlike any person he'd ever met. On the outside she was setaceous and escharotic, yet beneath possessed an invisible duende; it showed whenever her erubescent lips in rare moments parted in a sweet smile, like a benison, or when her silver eyes softened to an oneiric shade of dark gray -- even when she ran across the campestral area behind their houses, her rantipole hair streaming after her in a black wave.

Sheila, Canary Islands said...

As she walked widdershins around the campestral stone circle, Brandilyn decided that it was clearly her uxorial duty to abjure the ailurophobe, in spite of his lucullan gifts and byzantine palavar, however painful a lacuna it would leave in her bathetic life.