Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ruth's Rocket

The rainy Kentucky skies cleared long enough yesterday for me to take pictures of my 92-year-old mom in her new get-up-and-go-mobile. Mom had to stop driving a few months ago due to problems with her eyesight. But ya just can't keep a good woman down. Quick as a wink she turned around and bought herself a snazzy red golf cart. She wouldn't think of having it in any color other than red. Then, of course, she needed a name.

Ruth's Rocket.

Well, hey, even a jazzy name's not enough. Next she needed a logo to go with it. So she got on the phone and found a paint artist for cars. The graphic was born.

Mom uses the Rocket to tootle around the circular drive of the retirement village in which she lives. The dining hall is on the other side of the village, so this gal needs her wheels. The thing came equipped with plastic sides that zip all the way down, keeping out the rain. For the pictures we unzipped the flaps and tossed 'em up on the roof.

As if a red Rocket with its own painted logo weren't unique enough, Mom added a plush Persian rug she's had for years to the seat. And two horns--a toot-toot and an old fashioned ah-ooo-ga.

Let me tell you. There ain't nothin' common about my mother.

Close-up of the front Rocket logo.

Proud Mama Ruth

Ain't she sweet.

Gen-yoo-ine Persian rug brought years ago from overseas.
Who'd have guessed it would end up in a golf cart.
I mean Rocket.

Logo on the back.

Have Rocket, will travel.


Kim Vogel Sawyer said...

I just love your mom--there's nobody else like her. My guess is God smiles a lot when He looks at her. :o)

Nicole said...

Absolutely awesome lady.

Unknown said...

I love Ruth's Rocket!! What a wonderful idea.

Brandilyn, enjoy your time with your sweet mother. I'm praying for you both!

Sheila Deeth said...

That's so neat!

Pat said...

What a hoot! I want to be like Ruth when I grow up! Reminds me of the Kaiser ads -- "When I grow up I want to be an old lady!" Give her a big hug for me.

Lucy Ann Moll said...

Love it! When I grow up I wanna Ruth's Rocket too. By the way, does your mom welcome visitors from up North? I just may adopt her!