Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creating a Google Profile

Yesterday on Twitter I tweeted about this Time magazine article on creating a Google profile. Who should create a profile, and what's in it for you? It's an article worth reading.

To view my Google profile, go
here. For some weird reason I couldn't get the URL using brandilyncollins. So I used seatbeltsuspense. Google kept telling me brandilyncollins is already taken. Oh, really. Just how many people are there out there with my name? But when I typed in that URL to go see who stole my name, Google tells me there is no such profile. Hmmm. The system clearly is not without its quirks.

Do you have a Google profile? Leave your URL in the comments so we all can take a look.


ConnieBrz said...

Here's the one I created just a few days ago (probably after reading the article you linked.)


Trying to balance public and private continues to create tension. One of my personalities wants to just delete the whole thing and return to our cave.

lynnrush said...

Sweet. Yours are nice.

Here's mine:


It looks a little different that your address, ConnieBrz. but then again, I'm not exactly computer literate yet.....

Lynn Squire said...

Here is my Google profile:

Tracy Ruckman said...

I thought I had set one up previously, but apparently not. Thanks for the info.

Here's mine: